Refil Short For Offers Recycled Plastic Filament To Help Save The World

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3D printing has become a powerful tool worldwide. From many different industries, 3D printing is being used by many different verticals such as medical, industrial, hobbies and games, and rapid prototyping. There are many different types of 3d printers and it is important to really understand what is a dual extruder 3d printer or 3d printer extruder or delta 3d printer so that you end up using the right printer for your specific project.

As this industry has been growing, there has been an increased demand for plastics and it has even caused a burden on our environment. Re-filament, also known as Refil, came to market with the goal in mind to reduce plastic waste.

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Refil Process of Recycling Plastic Into 3d Printing Filament

  1. The process is basically to cut up old plastic car parts, PLA materials, and even PET plastic bottles and shred these materials into small plastic flakes.
  2. These small flakes are melted down into liquid and contaminants are removed and extruded into a string material.
  3. Next, the string material is spooled into biodegradable, cardboard spools.
  4. Lastly, you can print your next 3d project just as you would with other filament materials. Enjoy!

You can create fully recycled and recyclable projects!

Check out this video from the Science Channel about Refil and the entire process:

The Two Best Recycled Plastic Filament Options


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3d Printing Is A Powerful Resource In Many Different Industries, Just Be Sure To Consider Recycled Filament

3d printing is further deepening its penetration in hobbies and not just business arenas.

You want to make sure you are using the best 3d printer for miniatures because there are a lot of different 3d printers out there. Similarly, if you are into cosplay, you also want to make sure you are using the best 3d printer for cosplay. You need to grab a system that will work for your specific end goal in mind.

Whether you are looking into creating the perfect miniature for your next game session or to wow your friends with your cosplay costume, you will greatly benefit by doing your research and always consider using recycled plastic 3d printing filament to create your 3d printing. Has a Very Important Mission and Is Proud To Bring That Mission Forward

Every year there are more than 10 million metric tons of plastic leaking into the ocean. In fact, there is a plastic field in the Pacific Ocean that is larger than 2 million kilometers squared and growing massively each day! According to National Geographic, the plastic trash in the ocean will triple by 2040.

All this data is extremely concerning to me. I take great pride in my environment and our world. By continuing on with what Refil has done, VeryCreate is very excited to continue to bring to life the measures to save our planet while still advancing technology and manufacturing capabilities.

I hope this information will help guide you in your decisions and help enlighten you to some of our world’s biggest problems.

But, in the meantime, 3d print on and bring to life your dreams. Please email me with your 3d printing creations, I am excited to see what you create!



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