8 Best 3D Printers for Cosplay Reviews in 2023 (MUST READ!)

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If you are looking for the best 3D printer for cosplay, you are in the right place! Read on to see all of our research and testing we have put together to help you make the right decision!

We have seen an incredible rise in the popularity of costumes and dressing up for parties and events. Whether it’s Halloween, the launch of a new sequel for a popular movie franchise or an event at Comic Con, fans like to dress up as their favorite character to show their love and support for the brand.

However, many fans have complained about the problems they’ve faced with Cosplay. For a start, it can be difficult to find the perfect gear or costumes for your favorite character or movie event. When you do find the right costume, it can be extremely expensive and cost hundreds of dollars. 

Another issue is that these costumes are often mass-produced and lack originality and unique edge. There is nothing worse than showing up at Comic Con dressed up as Batman or any of the Avengers and find a dozen other fans dressed in exactly the same costume as you.

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This guide for the Best 3D printer for Cosplay offers the perfect solution for people who are looking for a customized costume of their favorite character at a low cost without searching stores for hours (don’t forget to research the best 3d printer controller as well). 3D printers can print out high-quality props and costumes at a reasonable cost. You can find hundreds of high-quality prints and shared designs within the growing community of Cosplay fans.

The best part is you can add unique tweaks to these designs and print out exactly what you want!

If You Are Short On Time, Here Is A Quick List Showing You The Best 3D Printer for Cosplay:

  1. QIDI TECH 3D Printer For Cosplay – Large Size X-Plus Intelligent Industrial Grade <<High Quality and Great Price
  2. Sindoh 3D Printer for Cosplay
  3. Dremel Digilab 3D45 3D Printer for Cosplay <<Highest Recommendation but Spendy
  4. LULZBOT TAZ 6 3D Printer for Cosplay
  5. Creality 3D printer
  6. AnyCubic Chiron Semi-Auto Leveling 3D Printer
  7. Artillery Sidewinder SW-X1 3D Printer
  8. SOVOL SV01

In this blog, we look at some of the most popular 3D printers at Amazon that are being used to print Cosplay costumes.

The Best 3D Printers for Cosplay at Amazon

Amazon is arguably the best place to buy 3D printers for many reasons. The best companies from around the world come here to market their 3D printers and the excellent return policy ensures that all businesses strive to keep their quality high.

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Here’s a look at some of the most popular 3D printers for Cosplay that you can buy at Amazon.

1. QIDI TECH 3D Printer for Cosplay – Large Size X-Plus Intelligent Industrial Grade

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This is arguably one of the best 3D printers in the market, especially for Cosplay projects. If you are after the best quality printers then Qidi Tech 3D printer is what you need.

For a start, the Qidi Tech allows you to use a very wide array of filaments which means you can use stronger material. The list of supported filaments is so big that you won’t find any filler materials that aren’t supported. You can use PLA, TPU and ABS with the Qidi Tech. Even Nylon and Carbon Fiber will work with this model. It supports filaments of 1.75 mm thickness. It will let you create high-quality props and Cosplay costumes that are very durable and can be worn without risk of breaking up.

The filament spool is placed on top of the printer or inside the dedicated side compartment. While you can make adjustments to some other 3D printer models in the market to allow this type of filling, the QIDI printer supports both filament spool positions without the need for adjusting anything.

The printer offers a large printing area that is around 300 x 250 x 300 mm. The maximum printing temperature is 250°C. The printer is very precise with a layer thickness from 0.05 mm to 0.4 mm.

The printer has a removable printing plate which makes it easier to remove the print without breaking it after you are done. It allows WiFi connectivity for controlling the functions, has an intuitive 4.3 inch LCD screen with a user-friendly interface and a self-development slicer system that is far superior to other design systems. 

Head on over to Amazon to see the latest price and detail for this highly recommended Qidi Tech 3D Printer for your next cosplay project!

2. Sindoh 3DWOX DP200 3D Printer for Cosplay

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The Sindoh 3D Wox is a premium quality 3D printer that is great for printing Cosplay props and parts.  The printer is slightly expensive but offers top-end features that will only find in premium quality 3D printers models. 

This 3D printer offers a fully-automatic filament loading system where all you have to do is insert the cartridge into the compartment and the printer takes care of the rest. It has a clear and intuitive 5 inch LCD screen that is equipped with a full-color touch screen menu and allows accurate control for the many functions on this printer.

The Sindoh 3D WOX also offers assisted bed leveling which improves the quality of prints. On lower-end 3D printers, you have to do this manually which lowers the quality of your 3D prints. Assisted bed leveling is a pretty big deal and you will only find it on high-end models.

The build size on Sindoh is 200 x 200 x 185 mm which isn’t large but reasonable. You can buy the larger 2x model which offers build dimensions of 228 x 200 x 300 mm. With a layer thickness of 0.05 mm to 0.4 mm, the Sindoh 3DWOX is extremely precise for printing costumes and props.

The company offers a mobile app and a remote monitoring camera to get a live preview of your builds when you are away. You can pause, stop or resume the print process from anywhere at any time. It also has an interior LED light that can be used to monitor the build even when the printer is in a dark room.

For design purposes, the printer is compatible with the 3DWOX Desktop software. This allows users to create, customize, share and download custom 3D prints easily.

While we still prefer the Qidi Tech 3D printer for your Cosplay project, you should also do your due diligence to see if this Sindoh 3D printer might suit your better given the differences noted above.

3. Dremel Digilab 3D45 for Cosplay

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This Dremel 3D printer would be my number one recommendation for any Cosplay designer if the price came down. But if you are looking for the highest quality for the best price, I would highly recommend this Dremel Digilab 3D45 for your next Cosplay project!

Dremel is a well-recognized brand in 3D printing.  The company has been around since the early days of 3D printing and marketed some of the best 3D printers that we have seen. The Dremel Digilab is an award-winning, high-end model that is expensive but offers a ton of features that you won’t find on most other models.

The printer offers a reasonable printing space that is roughly 255 x 155 x 170 mm. It is one of the most user-friendly models in the market and very popular with educational institutes. If your 3D printer will often be used for school projects and costume parties along with education for young kids, then Dremel Digilab is probably the best choice. 

Digilab Dremel allows you to print Cosplay pieces without the need to split them up. It has a removable glass build platform that makes it easy to get the finished print off the plate without damaging it. The removable plate also makes the model much easier to clean. 

The printer supports a variety of filament materials. It has a heated bed that allows you to print materials like Nylon, Carbon Fiber and Eco-ABS. Since this is a Dremel machine, you will get the best results when you use filaments from Dremel. 

Layer thickness can go up to 0.05 mm and the print quality is quite good on this model. The Digilab 3D45 offers an easy to use a 5 inch full-color LCD touch screen, semi-automated bed leveling, RFID filament recognition and 720p HD camera to monitor prints. You can also control the camera via WiFi and view the feed from your cloud account, which makes it even more convenient to use when you are on the move.

Although it is built for educational institutes, the Dremel Digilab is equally useful for Cosplay hobbyists. Be sure to check it out on Amazon and maybe you will be lucky enough to see the price come down–but even if it doesn’t come down much, you will be happy with this Dremel 3D printer purchase.

4. LULZBOT TAZ 6 3D Printer

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The LulzBot Taz 6 3D Printer is simply amazing when it comes to printing Cosplay gear and props. This printer offers self-cleaning and self-leveling as well as an integrated power supply unit that makes it very easy for new users to create prints without interruption. With the Lulzbot Taz 6, you won’t ever have to worry about leveling the bed and keep everything organized for effective prints.

The printing area is quite large with dimensions of 280 x 280 x 280 mm which make it great for printing Cosplay armor, masks and other props. It has a heated PEI print surface bed that ensures your prints stay in place while processing and are easy to remove after they cool down.

This 3D printer is built to take in a variety of materials including nylon, polylactic acid, polycarbonates, wood, ABS and even metal composites. This makes it very versatile for different types of gear for Cosplay that is very sturdy and weather resistant.

The model has an extruder, hot end that can reach up to temperatures of 300-degrees Celsius. It also has dual fans for cooling prints quickly. The unique, modular design makes it easy to change parts for dual printing which speeds up work process by printing multiple props at the same time.

The unit can connect to the LulzBot Edition software where you can load your model files and slice them up for printing. The software comes completely free with the purchase of this 3D printer and you will never need to pay for upgrades. The source code is available publicly to modify and there is an active online community that supports and creates new designs all the time.

While this LulzBot 3D printer is not in my top 3 recommended 3D printers for Cosplay, it is worth checking it out on Amazon to see where the price is.

5. Creality 3D Printer CR-10S

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Creality is a recognized brand in the community that is popular for selling top class 3D printers in the market. The Creality Ender 3 is one of the best 3D printers with tons of features. However, it may not be suitable for printing Cosplay props.

If you are looking to print large costumes, the CR – 10S will serve your needs much better. CR-10S is designed to print very large objects and goes up to dimensions of 300 x 300 x 400 mm for a single print. This makes it handy for prints where size is important, like Cosplay costumes.

This 3D model is very easy to use. It comes with the pause and restart functions that can be very handy if you need to pause printing at any point. It also has a filament detector that helps reduce accidents or interruptions.

The printer has a high-quality nozzle for its size. Layer thickness goes from 0.1 to 0.4 mm. Nozzle temperature ranges from 180 to 220 and offers safe printing. It has a standard filament diameter of 1.75 mm. The machine has proper safety covers, making it ideal for newbies to avoid scalding injury or scratches.

The printer is shipped in several components for ease of delivery and needs to be assembled. There is a manual with complete instructions and it shouldn’t take more than 20 minutes to set up.

This Creality 3D printer a great choice for budget-conscious users who want to create a full costume for Cosplay.

6. AnyCubic Chiron Semi-Auto Leveling 3D Printer

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The list of 3D printers for Cosplay printing wouldn’t be complete without the Anycubic Chiron. While the brand is not particularly popular for high-quality 3D prints, there can be no denying its usefulness for Cosplay props and gear.

The Anycubic Chiron is a behemoth amongst Cosplay 3D printers. With dimensions of 400 x 400 x 450mm it is the largest printer on our list and big enough to print even large parts of armors and prop weapons.

Big, 3D printers are ideal for crafting Cosplay armor and props. You can get better quality with smaller printers, but you would always need to connect and glue the props together after printing. Anycubic Chiron is capable of printing the whole thing in one single piece without needing any gluing up later.

What’s more, the quality of prints on the Chiron isn’t that bad. This printer can extrude a layer thickness from 0.05 to 0.03 mm which allows very fine quality prints.

The printer is delivered in separate components but assembling the 3D printer is not much of a problem. Even beginners should be able to set it up in half an hour or less. The printer is made with high-quality materials and very sturdy once assembled. Most parts of Chiron are metallic and the nuts hold onto each other very well without causing any wobbling.

This AnyCube Chiron does miss some of the better features that you get with higher-end models like Wifi control and pause/resume function. Given its price tag, however, it offers good value for money and should be considered for printing large Cosplay props.

7. Artillery Sidewinder SW-X1 3D Printer

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Artillery Sidewinder X1 is another large 3D printer that is useful for creating Cosplay costumes and props. It has a large printing area that is 300 x 300 x 400 mm which is a major plus for the printer. It has an expandable filament holder that supports up to 3 kg of filament roll which makes the printer great for printing large props without interruption.

The printer has a direct drive extruder with a volcano nozzle and heater bed. Both of them can heat up quickly to temperature as high as 180° C in less than 2 minutes. This is a great feature as most printing materials require heated beds to create high-quality prints. This feature opens up more 3D printing options for users.

Another major plus is that Artillery Sidewinder X1 works very quietly without making any sound, unlike most large printers that make a lot of noise. The build quality is quite great considering its size. It offers a layer thickness of 0.1 mm.

The printer design is beautiful. Although it is fairly simple, the way the parts are put together makes it quite beautiful. It also offers protection against temperatures running out of control with its thermal runaway protection unit. This feature makes Artillery Sidewinder quite safe compared to other printers in its league.

There are a couple of missing elements as well. The bed lacks auto-leveling and you will need to set it up manually. It also lacks an operational manual, so it isn’t ideal for new users. Thankfully, it does have an assembly guide that should help you put it together easily. The printer doesn’t ship with sample filaments. 

All in all, this Artillery Sidewider X1 is a great 3D printer for creating large Cosplay costumes at its price.


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Sovol isn’t that well known in 3D printing. The Chinese company offers low price, low-quality printing solutions that are ideal for users on a budget.

There is nothing low quality about the Sovol SV01 however. This model is available on the Amazon store and has mostly positive reviews. Priced at just under $300, it is one of the cheapest, large print area 3D printers that you can get for creating costumes. Most 3D printers that are in Sovol’s price-range have a smaller build area but SOVOL SV01 offers a printing area of 280 x 240 x 300 mm which should adequately meet the needs of most users.

The printer is shipped in separate components but it is quite easy to assemble because 95% of assembly has already been done by the manufacturer. It takes about 10 – 15 minutes to set it up and you can start printing right out of the box.

SV01 supports multiple filaments including PLA, TPU and ABS etc. It has a built-in branded Meanwell power supply which protects the printer from unexpected power surges. 

It has a removable flat glass plate that is built on the regular heated bed which makes it easy to remove prints after they are done. No matter how small or large the model you are printing, the SV01 ensures that you get perfect layer lines every time.

The 3D printer also comes with thermal runaway protection preventing your 3D printer from running too hot or starting a fire.

Some high-end features are missing on the model. For instance, it doesn’t have WiFi control. It also lacks auto bed leveling.

Overall, the Sovol SV01 is a budget 3D printer that will be suitable for making large Cosplay items and props. It is highly recommended for people on a budget.

Conclusions About the Best 3D Printer for Cosplay

I really love the Dremel 3D printer but as you saw I noted above, it is not cheap. But if you have the budget, you will be super happy with it. The QidiTech or the Sindoh will both be awesome too. There are tons of reasons why I put them all in my top 3!

Do you have more questions or something to add for this guide for the Best Cosplay 3D Printer? Did we miss a model that should be here?

Let us know by heading over to our Contact Us page or find us on our VeryCreate Facebook page to connect.

Also, if you are into Cosplay, then you are going to need to get one of the best airbrushes and/or best airbrush compressor sets because you are going to need to paint your final Cosplay prints. I believe that airbrushing is one of the best ways to go here.

Best of luck on our project and let us know how we can help!

Steven Carroll

Thank you for reading my article. I have a passion for creating with 3D printing, woodworking, welding, and drawing. I hope you have learned a little from my mistakes and lessons learned. This article is meant to be a help to you! Thank you again for your time!

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