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Artists love working with Copic markers. They have many unique features.  However, in order to get the best results from Copic markers, artists need the best paper for Copic markers.

Since these markers are alcohol-based products, they can easily weaken the surface of normal art paper, create bleed through, or may not slide as seamlessly across the page.For this reason, you need a special kind of surface to experience the best results.  Our number one pick is Cresent Rendr Marker Paper and Sketchbooks.

Here you will find our reviews for 19 products that are classified as the best paper for Copic markers. Additionally, if you need some help selecting the best product, you can refer to our Buying Debates and FAQ at the end of our article to make a more informed purchase decision.

If You Are Short on Time, Here Is My List of Our Best Paper for Copic Markers:

  1. Crescent Creative Products Rendr Wire-bound Sketchbook  <<Our number One Recommendation
  2. Canson Xl Series Marker Pad
  3. Copic Marker Express Blending Card
  4. Boxun Bleedproof Marker Paper
  5. Bee Paper Bleedproof Marker Pad
  6. Bee Paper Company Creative Marker Book
  7. Copic Marker Sketchbook
  8. Strathmore Marker Paper
  9. Art-n-fly Marker Paper
  10. Winsor & Newton Bleedproof Marker Paper Pad
  11. Bianyo Bn-5801 Bleedproof Marker Paper Pad
  12. Crafter’s Companion Spectrum Noir Premium Cardstock
  13. Too Copic Paper Selection Special Paper
  14. Transotype Bleedproof Marker Paper
  15. Neenah Cardstock Paper
  16. Copic Markers Stamping Illustration Paper
  17. Beinfang Marker Layout Paper
  18. Copic Manga Illustration Paper
  19. Arteza Mixed Media Sketchbook

Best Papers for Copic Markers Reviews:

When I first started working with Copic Markers, or any alcohol marker, I was dismayed at my results.  Turns out the paper I used was totally unsuitable for alcohol marker use!  Once I tried these papers, I could see why people all over the world love their Copic Markers.  Here are 19 of my top picks.

stack of blank paper Best Paper for Copic Markers verycreate.com

1. Crescent Creative Products Rendr Wire-Bound Sketchbook

Crescent Creative’s Rendr Wire-Bound Sketchbook is super versatile.  It is available in a hardbound sketchbook, wire-bound spiral sketchbooks, pads and in rolls!  Additionally, its 110 pound build and 180 gsm thickness makes it reliable with Copic markers even though it may be slightly thinner than its competitors.  The ability to use BOTH sides of the paper is unique. These features just can’t be found in any other competitor.

  • Highly rated by artists and hobbyists
  • Thin sheets of paper that offer supreme bleed-free results
  • Provides extra strength with its 110 pound capacity
  • Very practical and smooth for sketches

Rating: 99%

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2.  Canson Xl Series Marker Pad

For beginners, nomad artists, professors or anyone who would like to maximize their creativity, the Canson XL Series can prove to be an excellent choice. This pad is made up of 100 sheets of paper that are very compatible with Copic markers and have lots of smoothness and richness to offer. Canson is a maker of many quality artist products with a long history in the marketplace.

Artists will find it very easy to glide through the 9-inch by 12-inch papers, making even the most ambitious projects possible. The texture of each page is soft and fine.  In other words, each page can effortlessly resist alcohol-based inks without breaking a sweat.

  • Paper weight of 70 pounds provides excellent durability
  • Semi-translucent for good tracing ability
  • Very convenient pad size and design

Rating: 93%

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3.  Copic Marker Express Blending Card

The Copic Market Express (Xpress It) Blending Card is among the most popular papers for Copic markers. Create by the Copic company for its own markers, this paper is difficult to find and often unavailable. Each pack offers users 125 sheets to work on, all of which measure up to 8.5-inches by 11-inches.

The surface of each sheet of paper seems to have been made from a silky material since users won’t feel any friction whatsoever. However, the biggest advantage of this paper is that it can withstand multiple streaks of Copic ink with its 250 gsm thickness without bleeding through or weakening its structure.

  • Has a very practical size for many different types of projects
  • Its silky surface provides extra smoothness
  • Wouldn’t weaken even after several layers of Copic ink
  • Offers extra blending capacity for several colors

Rating: 92%  we’re docking it a few points because of low availability and few reviews from users.

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4. Boxun Bleedproof Marker Paper

This highly rated paper is an acid-free and neutral white paper made expressly for alcohol markers.  It works beautifully with pencil, pen and markers.

  • 5o Sheets
  •  9 X 12 inch
  • 90 gram paper
  • WARRANTY 3-year warranty  

Rating: 92%

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5. Bee Paper Company Marker Pad

Highly rated, especially in England, where it is more well known than in the USA, (even though it is made in USA!)  this paper makes it easier to blend Copic markers than traditional art papers. The papers are 110 lb. weight. There is very little to no bleedthrough to the backside with this excellent paper.

  • Acid-free
  • Available in three sizes
  • Natural white sheet
  • Ultra-smooth sheet
  • Works well with pens  and all markers

Rating: 92%

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6.  Bee Paper Company Creative Marker Book

Here is another high-quality marker book from Bee Paper Company. This pack also consists of 50 sheets of 5.5-inch by 8-inch paper and their ultra-smooth surface has been designed to deliver precise and detailed traces.

These papers are amazingly resistant to bleeding since each page has a thickness of 180 gsm and the fact that it has a 110 pound capacity just makes it even more durable. Moreover, thanks to its micro-perforated design and double-wire binding, users can easily pull out sheets of paper while also providing peace of mind to artists who travel with their projects.

  • Heavy-duty cover helps protect the integrity of sheets
  • Each sheet has an ultra-smooth surface that makes tracing very easy
  • Offers exceptional thickness and weight for paper durability
  • Is compatible with many different kinds of inked products

Rating: 91%

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7.  Copic Marker Sketchbook

You are going to be hearing a lot about this brand since it specializes in providing artists with papers that are compatible with Copic markers. From their diverse range of products, some artists have singled out this particular sketchbook for its effectiveness. The only problem is: availability.  It just drives me crazy to fall in love with a product and find that it isn’t manufactured often enough or available enough when I run out.  For that reason, we are ranking this down the list.

Among the greatest advantages of this pack is that its 9-inch by 12-inch sheets provide considerable space for artwork and that its 70 pound pages are quite durable and bleed resistant. What’s even better is that these products are sold as spiral bound sketchbooks, hence they can be carried easily from one place to another.

  • Has a very smooth surface to sketch over
  • 50 sheets means you wouldn’t need to restock for over a month
  • Spiral-bound cover makes it easy to travel with and access on-the-go
  • The 70 pound sheets have been found to be very durable and bleed resistant

Rating: 90% – again, we’re docking it a few points because of limited availability

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8. Strathmore Marker Paper

Makers of great quality art papers, Strathmore created a marker paper that comes in highly rated by users.   This great paper has a super smooth surface created to prevent feathering and bleedthrough with markers.  This paper is opaque, so you’ll need a strong light box to do any tracing with this paper.  To find a great one, check out our review article of the best light boxes for artists here.

  • Smooth surface
  • Made in the US
  • 50.5 lb. weight paper
  • Acid-free sheets
  • 24 Sheets

Rating: 90%

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9. Art-N-Fly Marker Paper

Art-N-Fly’s paper for copic markers is very unique since each of its 60 sheets are translucent and still have no trouble resisting bleeding. Since it doesn’t absorb ink, the richness of its surface will accentuate and brighten colors while the 56 pound sheet stays intact during your whole feat.

These sheets might be slightly thinner than their competitors, but their 90 gsm thickness allows for a versatility that other products cannot. As a result, you will not be limited by the number of methods you can use to materialize your creativity. However, it is important to mention here that this pad could work wonders for beginners and may be a little impractical for professionals.

  • Thick enough to make it perfect for a wide range of art projects
  • Features an ideal size for sketching and tracing
  • Its practical foldable design is very easy to use
  • Exceptional bleed-proof capacity considering its thickness in comparison to competitors

Rating: 89%

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10.  Winsor & Newton Bleedproof Marker Paper Pad

Besides offering one of the best papers for copic markers, Winsor & Newton are known for going the extra mile to provide what no other brand does. This particular pack is sold as 50 sheets of paper but users can choose between the 9-inch by 12-inch or the 11-inch by 14-inch pads based on their preferences.

Creating fantastic works of art should be a walk in the park since each paper has a very smooth surface and weighs a durable 20-pounds to cater to those extra strokes without weakening. Speaking of which, each sheet of paper has a thickness of 75 gsm, which not only provides excellent durability but also helps different colors blend without bleeding through.

  • More reliable than any other 20-pound paper in the market
  • Offers ideal thickness to prevent weakening and bleeding
  • Offers an exceptionally smooth surface
  • Sold in packs of 50 papers

Rating: 88%

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11. Bianyo Bn-5801 Bleedproof Marker Paper Pad

For those who have been very unlucky when it comes to bleeding, you don’t have to practice shortening your strokes. Instead, just buy the Bianyo Bleedproof marker pad and you will instantly fall in love with its smooth and soft surface.

As for its size, this pack is sold in variable sizes that include 8.5-inches by 12-inches and 11-inches by 14-inches – depending on the type of designs or sketches you are working on. Either way, you work will safely dry on the surface of the paper since it has a thickness of 70 gms.

  • Magnificent price in exchange for quality
  • Offers different size options for different purposes
  • Pristine smooth surface
  • Works well with copic markers and many other categories of markers and pens

Rating: 88%

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12. Crafter’s Companion Spectrum Noir Premium Cardstock

Some artists may have landed here while looking for the best cardstock products for Copic markers. If so, then you need not look any further than the Crafter’s Companion Cardstock option. These highly-resilient papers measure up to 8.5-inches by 11-inches and have a thickness of 160 gsm. What’s more, the astonishing smoothness of the paper is supported by 80 pounds of paper weight so you can effortlessly glide over the surface of the sheet for ambitious sketches.  Ideal for stamping and card making, this paper is a real winner.

  • Decent thickness
  • Bleed resistant
  • Can be used for many other purposes such as printing
  • Each sheet offers more than sufficient drawing space

Rating: 87%

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13.  Too Copic Paper Selection Special Paper

Since you’re a fan of making cardstocks and layered artworks, you should find this particular product very helpful for your endeavors. However, these 20 A4 sized sheets can be used by practically anyone to produce high quality artworks over thin sheets of bleed-proof paper.

Each of its 20 sheets measures up to 11.7-inches by 8.3-inches and the extra space can come in handy to practice new skills or develop fantastic works of art. Either way, these sheets of paper will be able to handle any kind of stroke since they have a wonderful 157 gsm thickness.

  • Offers fantastic smoothness for drawing
  • Their medium-weight makes them easy to maneuver or carry on-the-go
  • Can be very useful for illustrations or layering
  • Larger than standard size offers more versatility

Rating: 86%

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14. Transotype Bleedproof Paper

This thin paper does crumble easily, but it is ideal for marker use, if you don’t need a cardstock thick paper.  It has a special coating on the back to prevent bleedthrough. It is amazingly strong, despite being easy to wrinkle.

  • Thin sheets
  • Coated on the back so no bleedthrough
  • Highly resistant against bleeding
  • 70 gr/ 20 lb weight

Rating: 85%

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15. Neenah Cardstock

This cardstock paper is highly rated by users and it super versatile for many craft uses.  Packaged in a ream, you get 300 sheets! While not bleedproof, it nevertheless is heavy enough to keep Copic ink from bleeding through excessively.

  • Acid-free paper
  • Very smooth paper
  • Great for cardmaking
  • Works well in inkjet and laser printers
  • 110 lb heavy weight paper

Rating: 82%

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16.  Copic Markers Stamping Illustration Paper

According to most experienced illustrators, Copic Markers’ Stamping Illustration Paper is among the most desirable products. This is so because it supports alcohol-based ink without causing interruptions and bleeding through to the next page. Moreover, the density of each page prevents it from wrinkling up even after it has absorbed a lot of ink.

  • Excellent for layering, coloring and stamping card stocks
  • 30 sheets of A4 sized paper
  • Offers pristine durability because of its paper weight of 80 pounds
  • Acid free

Rating: 80%

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17. Bienfang Marker Layout Paper

Layout paper is highly translucent so that you can easily trace.  Bienfang is a long-time art supply manufacturer with quality products. Non-bleeding, this paper also does not feather.  Works very well with pencil, charcoal and pastels.

  • Very little bleedthrough
  • Very smooth paper
  • 100 sheets
  • Very lightweight paper
  • 13.5 lb weight

Rating: 79%

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18. Copic Manga Illustration Paper

Finally, we have another great pack of papers that are used by artists to create manga or comic book illustrations. Each of its 30 pages works exceptionally well with technical pens and copic markers and offers a resistance-free surface to work on for hours on end. Additionally, the 65 pound A4 size pages are very durable and will not be damaged by extra alcohol-based scribbles over its surface.

  • Brilliantly smooth surface
  • Excellent for beginners and professional artists
  • Measures up to 11.5-inches by 8.25-inches
  • Acid free

Rating: 78%

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19.  Arteza Mixed Media Sketch Book

This affordable sketchbook is made up of 100 sheets that measure 9-inches by 12-inches.  In addition, each sheet is durable enough to withstand damaging ink since it has a weight of 110 pounds.

Another considerable advantage of these sheets of paper is that they have 100 gsm of thickness, meaning they can handle bleeding from Copic ink and prevent fading as well. However, it is important for you to remember that it is still a spiral bound sketchbook so every project should be done carefully to avoid bleeding through to the other side of the sheet.

  • Features a handy spiral-bound design
  • Micro-perforations for easy removal
  • Acid free
  • Versatile for wet and dry mediums
  • Highly rated by users for mixed media applications

Rating: 78%

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Buying Debates: Buying the Best Paper for Copic Markers

What Are the Different Types of Marker Paper?

1.    Pads and Sketchbooks

These products are sold as soft and thin sheets of paper. Artists will find that pads and sketchbooks are ideal for practicing and developing skills instead of working on art projects. Beginners will find these very helpful.

2.    Marker Paper

As their name suggests, this is probably the best option you can settle for while using Copic markers. These papers are thick and are still easy to maneuver while sketching. Users will find that their surface is resistant and very easy to use.

3.    Cardstock

Cardstock is probably the thickest option available in the market. This type of paper works best with most kinds of ink such as Copic markers, acrylics and even watercolors. However, due to their thickness, these papers can be a little challenging to work with.

4.    Illustration

Finally, illustration paper (also known as comic or manga paper) is a little thicker than most marker papers but still easier to manage than cardstock. That being said, these types of paper are still not the ideal option for Copic markers but will deliver exceptional results, without weakening the paper or bleeding through it.

What Should You Consider Before Choosing the Best Paper?

If you’re really interested in buying the best paper for Copic markers, then you will have to dig deep into the reviewed features of each product. If you have no clue what specific factors to look for, here are 4 of the most important considerations to buy the best paper for Copic markers:

1.  Weight

When you’re looking at the cover of a sketchbook, pad or paper pack, the first thing you’ll spot is their weight measurements. These measurements usually start from 20 pounds and can go up to 120 pounds and this refers to how much ink each paper in the stack can absorb.

This particular feature is a little trick to consider when buying a product but is still an excellent measure to determine how quality-oriented or durable the paper is. To put it simply, the heavier the paper, the better.

To play it safe, we would recommend settling for products that weigh anywhere around 90 pounds.

2.  Thickness

Thickness is another clear measure of the overall durability and quality of the paper. Since you’re planning on working with Copic markers, you will definitely need to look for something that doesn’t weaken with more ink and doesn’t allow the ink to bleed through the paper.

For the thickest options, you should look for measurements that range from 35 gsm to up to 400 gsm. On the other hand, the thinnest sheets should range between 35 and 55 gsm, which is more or less the thickness of newspapers.

If you’re willing to settle for medium-thick products, you should stick with options that range from 80 to 120 gsm. These products will be noticeably thicker than printer paper and will be ideal for Copic markers. However, for Copic markers, we would recommend anything over 120 gsm since these papers are as thick as posters.

Products that are over 200 gsm will be too thick, such as business cards and flyers. Granted, they can handle the ink pretty well, but they can be tough to work with since they have rough or grainy surfaces. The Copic Express Blending Card, for instance, has 250 gsm of thickness and offers extra blending capabilities for as many colors as you would prefer.

3. Texture

Among the best indicators of quality paper is texture. For this reason, we always recommend looking for the smoothest surfaces. However, there may be isolated cases where artists may prefer rough surfaces for a particular type of artwork.

While rough textures may look less enticing for audiences, they are known to absorb ink much better. For instance, the Strathmore 300 Series Spiral Sketch Pad has a textured surface that is ideal for tracing.


4.  Size

Lastly, you will have to give some thought to the size of the paper. This factor can help narrow down the best paper for Copic markers specifically for the requirements of your project.

Most of the products you will find in the market are sold as the typical A4 size sheets measuring up to 11-inches in height and 8-inches in width. However, you could also settle for other options such as 15-inches by 11-inches or 8-inches by 4-inches, and so on.


Since you landed here searching for the best paper for Copic markers, we can safely suggest that you buy the Strathmore 300 Series Spiral Sketch Pad without any second thoughts.

However, each of the 21 paper products mentioned in this review are designed to blend beautifully with Copic markers. All you need to do is consider all of our tips and reviews to select the best possible option for your project. Remember, the product that meets your needs and demands in the most ideal manner is the way to go.


Why Do Artists Look for the Best Paper for Copic Markers?

Professional sketch artists love working with Copic markers but their favorite markers can be very problematic – mostly because of their alcohol-based composition. Lucky for them, Copic markers can be used as long as they are used on the right paper. The best paper for Copic markers will offer the following characteristics:

1.    Bleeding Prevention

Commonly, artists’ works suffer from their ink going through the surface of the paper and onto the other side. This happens pretty often with regular sheets of paper and can produce a real mess on the surface below.

2.    Smooth Application

Despite having exceptional softness and amazing tips, Copic markers may glide differently over regular papers. If you use the right one, your markers will glide effortlessly on their surface, helping you achieve the smoothest application possible. Not only will this save you a whole lot of effort and time, but it will also make your overall sketching experience more fun.

3.    Strengthens After Applying

Since copic markers bleed through paper, they also cause the drenched sheet to weaken. When this happens, artists might find it hard to handle them, resulting in damaging or destroying their artwork. However, with the right paper, you don’t have to worry about the paper weakening – no matter how much you may have scribbled on it.

How Long Do Marker Pads Last?

The answer to this question depends on how often you use your Copic markers. A paper pack, sketchbook or marker pad typically has anywhere between 20 and 100 sheets of paper. If you work on them every single day, the standard 30-page product should last comfortably for a month.

Can Copic Markers Be Used on Regular Paper?

Yes, regular paper might work for Copic markers but doing so will inevitably result in weakening and bleeding of the paper when you’re done. As a result, your project will lack color richness and you will wish you had used marker paper instead.

If you are interested in finding alternative markers to Copic, please read our thorough recommendations in this article!

Alcohol Marker Tutorials

We have a great tutorial for drawing a lighthouse with alcohol markers here

In addition, we have a fun tutorial using alcohol markers in drawing a flower from scratch here.

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