18 Best Paper For Alcohol Markers Reviewed in 2023 (MUST READ!)

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Don’t you hate it when you are using markers for coloring or making art, and the wet ink soaks through the paper and bleeds out the back onto the next sheet or causes drag with the marker?

Or how about when the paper fibers start to deteriorate with every stroke of your marker?   We have rated 18 brands and our top choice for the best paper for alcohol markers is the RendR Cresent No Show Through Pads and Sketchbooks.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at and review some of the best papers for alcohol markers. We are confident that by the time you finish reading this guide, you will get the perfect product to help you fully unleash your creative freedom with alcohol markers.

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If you are short on time, here’s my quick list list of the top picks for the best paper for alcohol markers:

  1. Rendr Crescent No Show Thru Pads and Sketchbooks << Our Number One Recommendation
  2. Crafter’s Companion Spectrum Noir Ultra Smooth Premium Cardstock   <<Best Cardstock 
  3. Bianyo BN-5801 Bleed Proof Marker Paper Pad
  4. Strathmore 497-6 400 Series Marker Pad
  5. Neenah Cardstock Stack
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Oh, the possibilities of a blank sheet of paper!

My reviews and recommendations for the best paper to use for alcohol markers

1. RendR Crescent No Show Thu Paper Pads and Sketchbooks <<Our Number One Recommendation

Also available in rolls for those who really use a lot of paper  or want a custom size!  A versatile multi-media paper that won’t bleed through.  Create on both sides of the page — even solvent-based markers and acrylic washes won’t bleed through to the other side. All RendR paper is acid-free, lignin-free and 110 lb (180 gsm) weight.  We love the four options available: Wire bound sketchbook, Rolls for custom sizes, Hardbound sketchbooks and Pads of individual sheets.

  • Use both sides of the paper
  • Solvent marker and acrylic paint won’t bleed through
  • Heavy weight paper
  • 110 lb paper
  • Acid free
  • Highly rated by users

Rating: 100%

Crescent RendR No Show Thru Paper Pads

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2.  Crafter’s Companion Spectrum Noir Ultra Smooth Premium Cardstock   <<Best results on cardstock

If you are looking for some of the best cardstock for use with alcohol markers, the Crafter’s Companion Spectrum Noir consists of the most premium quality cardstock you can find. The sketch pad has some of the best papers for alcohol markers and is ideal for stamping and paper crafting as well.

  • 160 gsm thickness/80 lb weight
  • Ultra smooth surface
  • Resistant to bleeding

Rating: 97%

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3.  Bianyo BN-5801 Bleed Proof Marker Paper Pad

The Bianyo Bleed Proof marker Paper Pad consists of some of the best paper for alcohol markers. The sheets do not bleed, have an excellent quality of construction, and a good thickness that gives you plenty of freedom.

  • Decent thickness
  • 70 gm weight
  • Ultra smooth surface texture
  • Works well with all types of markers

Rating: 93%

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4. Strathmore 497-6 400 Series Marker Pad

Another product on our list of the best paper for alcohol markers made by Strathmore, the 400 Series marker pad has a higher thickness compared to the 300 Series, and it is more durable and better quality paper fibers.

The pad contains 24 sheets that allow markers to glide on the surface easily. Designed and manufactured in the US, it is a premium quality pad for your artwork.

  • Smooth surface
  • Made in the US
  • 50.5 weight paper
  • Acid-free sheets
  • Made in USA

Rating: 93%

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5. Neenah Cardstock Stack

The Neenah Cardstock Stack contains some of the best papers for crafters. The cardstock stack was not originally designed for use with alcohol markers but it does the job well based on customer reviews.  If you need individual sheets for greeting cards and crafts, this might be a good option for you.

The sheets are quite thick, it brings out the richness of the colors of your markers, and it is acid-free for a long-lasting finish.

  • Acid-free paper construction
  • 110 lb heavy weight paper
  • Very good in inkjet and laser printers as well
  • Ultra smooth surface
  • Thick and bleed proof sheets

Rating: 92%


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6.  Canson XL Series Marker Paper

Arguably one of the ideal beginner-level mix marker pads, the XL Series Marker Paper is an excellent contender for the best paper for alcohol markers.

You can erase and re-erase on the sheets and get good blendability with most alcohol markers.

  • Convenient pad design
  • 18 lb/70gm
  • Excellent size for drawing handling
  • Semi-translucent
  • Can allow erasing easily
  • Highly rated by users

Rating: 90%

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7.  Boxun Bleed Proof Marker Paper Pad

Boxun’s marker paper pad is among the best papers for alcohol markers due to its bleed proof sheets with a decent size for various artworks. The natural white color of the sheets and acid-free construction means your images have a bright color and they won’t fade for a long time. Good for tracing, especially with a lightbox.

  • Neutral pH sheets
  • Comes with a 90-day money-back warranty
  • 90 gr paper
  • Great price
  • Semi-translucent paper
  • Coated on the back of each sheet to help prevent bleed-through

Rating: 89%

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8.  Copic Marker Express Blending Card Pack

Sheets directly made by a brand that makes some of the best alcohol markers in the market, the Copic marker Express Blending Card Pack consists of top-quality paper designed for use with Copic brand alcohol markers. While the sheet works perfectly with Copic alcohol markers, you can use it with markers of any brand. It is among the thickest sheets with a thickness rating of 250 gsm. We are ranking it lower because of the very high price.

  • Silky smooth surface
  • High thickness
  • Laser and inkjet printer compatible
  • 250 gsm weight
  • Durable sheets

Rating: 85%


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9. Art-N-Fly Marker Paper Sketchpad

Art-N-Fly is among the most popular brands when it comes to art supplies and it always impresses with its excellent line of products. The marker Paper Sketchpad is a testament to the brand’s commitment to providing you with high-quality products.  The coating on the back prevents bleed through to the next sheet, but the alcohol inks do soak through.

The rich surface brings out the best of the pigments in your alcohol markers. The sheets are not too thick and not too thin, so you can get plenty of versatile use out of it for various art projects.

  • Superb blending capacity
  • Improves richness of color
  • Coated on the back prevents bleedthrough
  • 56 lb weight paper
  • Translucent paper good for tracing as well
  • Ideal size for various art projects

Rating:  82%

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10.  Bee Paper Artist Marker Paper Pad

This product is on our list of the best papers for alcohol markers because of its popularity among aficionados. It does not cost too much, features bleed proof sheets, has a super smooth surface, and has ideal sized sheets.

More popular in England and Europe than in the USA, this paper is a customer favorite

  • Ultra-smooth texture
  • 110 lb weight
  • Ink soaks in for less than perfect blending with some colors with many layers
  • Decent sized sheets
  • High-quality design

Rating: 80%

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11.  Bee Paper Company Creative Marker Book

Another product on our list of the best paper for alcohol markers by Bee Paper Company, the Creative marker Book is among the highest-quality products we reviewed. Each of the 50 sheets have excellent construction quality.

Durable, resilient, and reliable, this is an exceptional choice for many artists who want to work with alcohol markers. The only reason they are not higher up the list is due to the relative cost per sheet.

  • High thickness and weight ratings
  • Durable sheets
  • 110 lb
  • Mixed reviews by users
  • Micro-perforated for easy removal
  • Versatile papers

Rating: 80%

>>Check Price<<

12. Bienfang Mixed Media Pad

The Bienfang Mixed Media Pad is an excellent choice for a wide range of media, including watercolors, acrylics, pen-and-ink, pencils, markers, pastels, collage, and more. The 90 lb (146 gsm) pads contain 40 sheets of mixed media paper
  • The fine-textured surface accepts wet media well
  • Erases easily
  • Mixes well
  • Available in several sizes
  • 13.5 lb weight paper
  • Translucent paper
  • Not perforated for easy removal

Rating: 78%

Bienfang Graphics 360 Marker Paper

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13. Fabriano Layout Marker Pad

The bleed proof paper in Fabriano Layout marker Pads is recommended for use with all types of markers, including alcohol markers. Ideal for sketching, technical drawing, graphic drawings, and calligraphy, can also be used for light tracing, although it is not as translucent as traditional tracing paper.

  • Sheets are glue-bound for easy removal from the pad
  • 40 lb, 75 gsm weight
  • Lightweight paper can be used for tracing as well
  • Available in multiple sizes

Rating 78%

Fabriano Layout Marker Pads

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14. Winsor & Newton Bleed Proof Marker Paper Pad

Winsor & Newton is a premium brand when it comes to anything related to making art. The brand’s bleed proof marker paper pad is an obvious entry on the list of the best paper for alcohol markers due to its excellent quality.  However, it is a thin paper and will wrinkle easily and be vulnerable to tearing.

  • Highly reliable sheets
  • Thin paper
  • 20 lb weight paper
  • Acid free
  • Users report no bleed through
  • Extremely smooth surface

Rating: 76%

>>Check Price <<

15. Chartpak Ad Marker Pad

This paper has a specific coating providing clean crisp edges for alcohol and solvent markers.

  • Has an innovative, patent-pending InkBlock panel which is inserted underneath the working sheet to prevent any marking or indentation to the sheet below
  • Made in USA
  • 175 gsm weight paper
  • Very smooth surface
  • Expensive

Rating 75%   (we’re rating it lower because it is a new paper with not enough reviews from users for us to rate confidently – if you use this, please let us know what you think!)

Chartpak Ad Marker Pads

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16. Borden & Riley #125 Marker Sketch Pads

100% bleed proof yet translucent enough for overlays and tracing.  Best applications are for architectural rendering and drafting, not cardmaking or stamping.

  • Highly rated by users
  • Professional quality
  • 45 lb weight
  • Translucent for overlays and tracing

Rating: 72%

Borden & Riley #125 Marker Sketch Pads

>>Check Price<<

17.  Copic Marker Pure White Manga Sheet Stack

The acid-free illustration paper stack is one of the best papers for alcohol markers.  The comic paper is good for various types of illustration work, architecture drawings, comic books, and manga drawings. The paper does not make a mess by letting the ink bleed and it is a good option to consider.  We’re ranking it lower because the paper is almost tissue thin, which makes it vulnerable to wrinkling and tearing.

  • Smooth sheets
  • Thin but highly bleed resistant
  • 60 gr paper
  • Useful for comic illustration

Rating: 70%

>>Check Price<<

18.  Transotype Bleed Proof Alcohol Marker Pad

Artists who love making manga and comic style drawings love using thin sheets that do not bleed at all. That is what you get when you buy the Transotype Bleed Proof Alcohol marker Pad. This pack of 50 sheets resists bleeding and it is highly durable. You can blend several colors without worrying about weakening the sheet.

The sheet size is ideal for various types of artwork and for practice. It does not have the highest weight rating or thickness, but it has a durable construction that makes it an excellent alcohol marker paper.

  • Thin sheets crumble easily
  • Coated on the back so no bleedthrough
  • Highly resistant against bleeding
  • 70 gr/ 20 lb weight

Rating: 72%


>>Check Price<<

Buying Guide for the Choosing Best Paper For Your Alcohol Marker Art

To pick out the best paper for alcohol markers, you need to study the qualities of each product, and determine its usefulness for you. To better understand how useful the product can be for your artistic endeavors, there are certain qualities you need to consider closely for all your options.

The right combination of features offered to you by the best paper for alcohol markers and your preferences, you can choose the perfect product. Here are several factors you need to consider when you are looking to make the right purchase decision:

Weight of the Paper

Among the first thing you notice when you are selecting paper for alcohol markers is the weight measurement. It is labeled with every pack of paper, sketchbook, or sketch pad you see. This weight rating ranges from 20 pounds to 120 pounds.  The tricky thing is that one would think that the heavier the paper, the more alcohol marker ink it could absorb without bleedthrough. However, how the paper is treated during manufacturing and what the fiber content is makes a huge difference.  Paper manufactured specifically for markers will generally perform the best.

Stick to sheets with at least 90 pounds of weight. Anything below that can work well too, but the paper becomes vulnerable to wrinkling and tearing.  Of course, if you plan to do a lot of tracing, then you will be happier with a thinner sheet.   If you like a thicker sheet, you’ll be amazed at what a good tracing lightbox can do!

Thickness of the Sheets

Sheet thickness is another crucial factor that affects the overall quality you can expect from the paper. Since you are working with alcohol markers, you want something that will not bleed through, weaken because of the ink, and makes the work with alcohol markers easy to handle.

The thickness can go from measurements of 35 gsm up to 400 gsm. The slimmest sheets are 35-55 gsm. That is the same thickness as a sheet of newspaper.

The medium thickness sheets range within 80-120 gsm. This is slightly thicker than any typical printer paper. The paper with this thickness can be ideal as the best paper for alcohol markers because it will not allow too much ink to bleed through.

If you want zero bleeding, we would recommend sheets over 120 gsm thickness as the best paper for alcohol markers. These are thick enough to handle alcohol ink without posing any issues.

When you get to 200 gsm, the sheet is quite thick. It is akin to business cards and flyers. They can handle ink even better but they often come with grainy surfaces that are too rough for the markers to slide properly. You need to find that sweet spot between thick and thin sheets.

Texture of Papers

Speaking of rough and smooth surfaces, a critical factor to find the best paper for alcohol markers is the texture. The texture of the paper does not necessarily reflect on the overall quality of the sheets you are considering. However, when you are in search of the best paper for alcohol markers, it can be one of the ultimate factors.

Generally, we would recommend sticking to the smoothest textured sheets you can find. But that may not be ideal for all artists. Sheets with a slightly rougher texture can add a unique personality to the work you create. Some artists may have use for slightly rough surfaces.

Just remember that the smoother the surface, the less ink it can absorb and the shinier it will be. The rougher the sheet, the more matte the finish will be, but it will likely absorb more ink. Sheet texture can have a lot to do with the overall result so choose the paper based on how you plan to use the alcohol marker.

Sheet Size

The size of the sheet you work with is an obvious aspect that you should consider. The best paper for alcohol markers can be available in a wide range of sizes. What you choose should accurately reflect on the size of the works you want to create and your budget.

Ideally, you should get sheets that are larger than what you may want to use. This way, you can cut off the excess sheet. It is better to have more surface area to work on than what you need rather than having too limited a space to create your work plus it’s great to have that extra bit to sample colors before you commit to the artwork area itself.

Inspired page with hands Best Alternatives To Copic Markers verycreate.com
Alcohol brush markers are so versatile and fun to create with!

Types of Alcohol Marker Paper

When you are looking for the best paper for alcohol markers, you should know that there are several types of it available in the market. This can change the primary purpose of how you use the paper and determine what will work better for your needs.

Sketchbooks and Sketch Pads

Sketchbooks and pads typically come with soft sheets of paper that are relatively thin. These are ideal for quick practice and developing skills instead of making whole art projects. Beginners might find that they are perfect to help them get started.


Cardstock is arguably the thickest option you can find. Cardstock form sheets work with almost any kind of medium from various types of paint to alcohol ink. Due to its thickness, the sheet can be slightly challenging to handle and use.  One benefit of using cardstock is that the paper will be sturdy enough not to buckle or fold.

Marker Paper

The very name of the sheet suggests that it is ideally designed for use with markers. This can be one of the best papers for alcohol markers since they are thick enough to keep the ink from bleeding through. The sheets are also thin enough to make them more straightforward to handle.

Comic Paper

Then there is comic paper or manga paper. This type of sheet is slightly thicker than your average marker sheet but thinner than cardstock. This might not be the best for many people to use with alcohol markers because it is not easy to handle. However, the sheet delivers excellent results in terms of the finish and the lack of bleeding and ink absorption.


Making the Best Use of Alcohol Markers on Alcohol Marker Paper

Even when you get the best paper for alcohol markers, you still need to use them correctly to get the best results from them. This is why we’ve added this section to give you a few tips to help you make the most of your alcohol marker paper.

Pro Tips:

  • Use the sheet on a flat and smooth surface. Using the alcohol marker on sheets placed on a smooth and flat surface like glass, flattened wood, metal, ceramic, and other such surfaces can help you get the best out of the sheet and the marker.
  • Try to make sure that the surface is dry, free of dust, and any other particles. If the surface underneath is uneven or has particles, it can affect the strokes you make on the paper and deteriorate the overall quality of your art projects.  It’s tempting to snack while creating, but one little crumb can create a mess on your paper or create an unsightly bump when you color.
  • Always try out your alcohol marker on a rough sheet before you start using it on the sheet for your project. This can help you avoid using a tip that might be too moist for the sheet.
  • Try placing regular sheets under the sheet you are working on. Placing another few sheets below can help increase the overall smoothness of the work surface and absorb any ink in case the ink bleeds through.
  • If you plan on blending different colors, try to stick to less than three or four different streaks per color. This will reduce the overall ink you are using and prevent you from weakening the integrity of the sheet by the time you begin blending the different colors.


As you can see, there are several brands and types of papers for alcohol markers that you can consider.

Choosing the best paper for alcohol markers ultimately becomes a matter of purchasing a few brands and sampling out the sheets to see what your personal favorite will be.  There can be great variation on the same sheet of paper by using several different brands of markers on it!

One brand will bleed through, another brand will not.  What is completely surprising is that price doesn’t guarantee no-bleed through – not the price of the paper, and not the price of the marker.  It is quite variable!

Between the list of the best paper for alcohol markers and the guide, we are sure there is plenty of information to help you make the ideal purchase decision. We would, however, recommend trying out several of these papers.

The more practice you get with various types of sheets, the better your overall skills will become and the firmer conclusion you will come to concerning your ultimate favorite paper.

Frequently Asked Questions

After going through the reviews of each product and the buying guide, you might have a few questions to help you pick out the best paper for alcohol markers. These are some of the most commonly asked questions about alcohol marker paper that might help you.

How long can a sketch pad for alcohol markers last?

The duration of a sketchbook or sketch pad can last depends on two factors:

  • How much you use the sketchbook/pad
  • How many sheets there are

If you make a single sketch every day and your sketch pad has 30 sheets, your sketch pad will last a month.

Can I use alcohol markers on typical printing paper?

There is no rule that says you cannot use alcohol markers on printer paper. The only thing is that you might not get the best results from it.

If the quality of the paper is not suitable for the alcohol paper, you might see the ink bleed through, the sheet weakens, feathering of color, poor blending or a poor richness of color.

Using paper designed for alcohol paper helps you get the best results.

Can you erase the strokes from an alcohol marker on your sheet?

Depending on the type of sheet you are using and the size of the stroke, there is a chance that you can partially erase it from the sheet. The paper has to have a smooth surface and it should not be too delicate.

You can use rubbing alcohol on a cotton swab to remove some of the mark by gently rubbing the area with a clear isopropyl alcohol-dipped swab.

Most markers are quite staining, however, and will not erase no matter how much alcohol you soak it with.

Can you recommend a set of good alcohol markers that won’t break the bank?

Yes! I wrote an informative article on Copic Marker Alternatives that will help you choose a great set as well as an article explaining the many differences between all the genres of markers.

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