15 Best Brushes For Miniature Painting in 2023

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Whether you paint very small realistic paintings or war game models that you create from your own sculpts or get them made from a manufacturing facility, your passion for those little art objects is incomplete without finishing them with paint and a key to your success will be selecting the best brushes for miniature painting.

Painting a miniature is an entirely different ballgame as compared to finishing any regular-size art piece.

With miniatures, you need to exhibit great dexterity and control over your painting hand. Moreover, you have to work with top-quality brushes with fine bristle heads. These paintbrushes should enable you to carry out the miniature detailing in line with the design you have envisioned or wanted to imitate.

However, buying brushes for miniature painting is a tricky prospect. Many in-demand paintbrush sets have various tip options, but may not be useful for miniature painting and detailing.

To make sure you can buy an entire set just for miniature finishing, I’ve researched, shortlisted, and reviewed 15 of the best brush sets for miniature painting.

If you don’t have time to skim through the entire article, checkout my shortlist of the best brush sets for miniature painting

  1. Daco Miniature Paint Brushes   <<Overall Best
  2. Silver Brush Ultra-Mini Brush Set
  3. Princeton Mini Detailer Brushes
  4. Afantti 18 Pcs Detail Fine Miniature Figurine Paint Brushes  <<Best Versatile Set
  5. Transon Artist Detail Paint Brush Set

All The Details for Best Paintbrushes for Miniature Painting

Protip: My top recommendations start off with ergonomic handled brushes because painting super tiny is hard on your hands!  It’s not such a big deal if you are a teenager, but if you have more than 25 years under your belt, gripping a super-thin handle and trying to control your strokes with delicate, tiny motions are gonna cause your hand to grip tightly.

Do that for more than ten minutes and it’s a prescription for pain or shaky hand motion which messes up your work.

Thin handles are just fine for bigger strokes and motions but NOT good for nearly microscopic attention to detail.

1. Daco Miniature Paint Brushes– Overall Best Brushes for Miniature Painting

This Daco Miniature brush set is another well-thought-out option for miniature painting. The set consists of 15 pieces that include a round, liner, and flat brushes. You even get an extra brush designed to reach tight spots on figurines.

The great thing about Daco miniature paintbrushes is you don’t experience splitting or shedding in these brushes, as long as you take care of them well.  The brushes feature copper ferrules that hold the bristles together and prevent their splitting and falling for a long time. The grip of these brushes is also worth mentioning. It features a triangular design where you can place your fingers for a firmer grip, helping to have a comfortable painting session.

  • Comes in a handy carry case and travel bag
  • Suitable for working with arthritis or sore fingers
  • Very highly rated by users
  • Works with all sorts of painting mediums
  • Great versatile set of brush heads

Our rating: 99%

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2. Silver Brush Ultra-Mini Brush Set

The short handles of the Silver Brush set is ideal for painting in tight, small areas.  The handles are comfort-grip and will greatly help in reducing hand cramping.  The bristles are a modern fiber used in the finest synthetic artist brushes called Golden Taklon fibers.

  • Ferrules of nickel-plated brass
  • Very highly rated by users
  • Comfort handle
  • Quality construction
  • Great price point
  • Available in the following sets: Round set of 4;  Tight Spot set of 3;  Set of 29; Set of 12; Set of 4 Detailers; Set of 6 Detailers and Basic Variety Set of 6 Mini-Detailers

Our rating: 98%


Silver Brush Ultra-Mini Brush Sets

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3.  Princeton Mini Detailer Brushes <<Superior Quality

Made of synthetic sable, these beautiful brushes by Princeton are designed for professional use and excellent control.  The handles are non-slip textured and thick enough for a comfortable grip for hours of tight detail work.

  • Quality synthetic fibers
  • Double crimped ferrules
  • Non-slip grip handles
  • Comfort handles
  • Highly rated by professional painters
  • Available as two sets, or individually

Our rating: 98%



Princeton Mini Detailer Series 3050 Synthetic Brushes

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4. Afantti 18 Pcs Detail Fine Miniature Figurine Paint Brushes– Versatile Brushes for Miniature Painting

If you are looking for an impressively versatile brush set for your miniature painting, consider this 18-piece set by Afantti. From flat to very finely pointed, you will find all types of tips in this brush set. The manufacturer divides its brush set into six script liners, six liners, two spot brushes, two flat brushes, one angled brush, and one round-pointed brush.

The bristles of these Afantti brushes are made of top-of-the-line nylon. Moreover, the bristles are tied together in a sturdy double-crimped metal ferrule. The wooden handles are long and feature non-slip surface so you can easily grip them while working on your miniature projects.  If you don’t need a comfort-grip, this is a great set to use.

  • Aesthetical design— white handles with golden bases
  • Also suitable for body painting, citadel painting
  • Works best with acrylic, oil and water paints

Our rating: 97%

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5. Transon Artist Detail Paint Brush Set– Very Small Brushes Set

This Transon paintbrush set catches your attention immediately with its fine construction. The set consists of 15 brushes that are good enough for both painting and detailing miniatures. Every brush features high-grade filaments as bristles. These bristles are double scrimped in top-quality aluminum ferrules.

The ferrules of these paintbrushes are so good that they don’t wobble even after years of use. We also like the packaging of this set because it features individual protection for every brush tip.

  • Suitable with tempera, oil, watercolor, enamel, gouache, and acrylic paints
  • Can be used for body and rock painting
  • Very small brushes from 0000 to size 1
  • Comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee

Our rating: 96%

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6. Nicpro Micro Detail Paint Brush Set

If you are looking for the best detailing option for your D&D miniatures and figurines, consider this 15-piece set by Nicpro. The set contains all sorts of tips. You get liners, rounds, spots as well as flat brush tips. However, all these tips are so small that you can make the most of them in detailing your tiny art pieces.

The other impressive bit about these paintbrushes is the construction of their handles. The handles are ergonomic and possess a triangular design below the ferrules so you can grip the brush for long detailing sessions without straining your hand muscles.

  • Also available in packs of 16, 12, 10, 7, and 4
  • Comes in a portable plastic container
  • Ergonomic handles
  • Also suitable for fine face painting

Our rating: 96%

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7. EBOOT Detail Paint Brushes Set

EBOOT Paintbrush set consists of just five pieces of various tip thicknesses and lengths. If you are looking for a set where you don’t get spoiled for choices, then this set is definitely an option worth considering. The tips of these brushes are an amazing blend of sturdiness and flexibility. They offer the required flexibility when you use them for painting. However, they are hard enough to not get stranded and wear out with pressure.

The handles of these brushes are flat from where you can grip them with more ease. The brushes are good to use with all types of paints. Furthermore, you can use them for face painting and general craft painting as well.

  • Great value for money
  • Comes in four different colors
  • Easy to clean and reshape

Our rating: 95%

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8. MEEDEN Micro Detail Paint Brush Set

MEEDEN has put up a set of miniature painting brush that is made for the task in every sense of the word. The set contains 15 brushes of all different types of tips you may require during miniature painting and detailing. The brushes feature top-quality nylon bristles that exhibit resilience. They seamlessly recoil to their shape after every stroke.

On top of that, reinforced nickel ferrules make sure that your miniature painting doesn’t get messed up with hair shedding. The other striking bit about these paintbrushes is their thick hardwood handles that feature a triangular plate, providing hassle-free grip.

  • Includes filbert and angular spot detailing brushes
  • Ergonomic handles
  • Designed for multiple mediums and surfaces
  • Comes in a protection box

Our rating: 94%

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9. H & B Miniature Paint Brushes Detail Set

This H&B miniature paintbrush set consists of 12 pieces that include all various tips you need to paint and detail miniatures and other mini art. The synthetic bristles of these brushes are of top-quality and can be used with any type of paint without getting stiff or permanently deformed.

Like any other top-of-the-line brush for miniature painting, these also feature a triangular section below the ferrules. This means you can also this brush set for detailed sessions of painting without making your fingers sore.

  • Easy to clean
  • Can be used for non-miniature painting as well
  • Comes with a 100% guarantee for replacement and refund

Our rating: 93%

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10. Artbrush Tower Small Enamel Paint Brushes Set– Quality Brush Set for Long Thin Lines

If you are looking for through and through quality in a paintbrush set, consider this 11-piece offer by Artbrush Tower. The set contains liners, round and flat tips that are good enough for standard miniature painting. The feature that makes this paintbrush set stand apart among other sets is its soft Korea double-color nylon bristles that retain their shape even after long, continuous use.

The ferrules used with these brushes are also worth mentioning. They are chrome-plated brass ferrules that don’t wobble and keep all the bristles tied together for the long-term.

  • A great bang for the buck
  • Comes with a 3-year warranty and 90-day money-back guarantee
  • Suitable for acrylic and watercolor paints

Our rating: 92%

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11. Arteza Detail Paint Brushes– Best Small-Handle Brushes for Miniature Painting

We are rounding off our list with Arteza 15-piece brush set that is equally good for painting and detailing miniatures and war figures. The brushes are short handles so you can get a better grip and control of the tip while stroking it on art pieces.

The set features round, flat, and liner tips that are considered more than enough for miniature painting. We also like the long nickel-plated copper ferrules of these brushes that provide a solid base to nylon bristles.

  • Allergen-free and animal-friendly manufacturing
  • Works with all painting mediums
  • Comes with a 100% money-back guarantee

Our rating: 95%


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12. BOSOBO Paint Brushes Set  -Best Budget Priced Variety Pack

BOSOBO offers a set that consists of 2 packs of paintbrushes. These paintbrushes feature a variety of tips made of high-quality nylon hair. From broader strokes to round-pointed precision detailing, you can use this set of brushes for all your miniature painting requirements.

We also like this brush set for its versatility. To begin with, it is equally suitable for artists, amateurs, and hobbyists. Then, it works with all sorts of paints that you can use on your miniature art pieces. Whether it is oil, watercolor, gouache, or acrylic paint, this set will be useful in all your miniature figurine painting.

  • Easy to maintain— warm soapy water wash needed
  • Sizes 00 to 5/8 inch
  • Great variety of sizes and shapes
  • Can be used for face painting as well
  • A great bang for the buck

Our rating: 93%

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13.  Winsor & Newton Series 7 Kolinsky Sable Brushes -Best for Oil Paint

Kolinsky Sable is a premium quality natural hair fiber for artist’s brushes.  Best suited for oil painting, this professional set will last you years of use, giving a smooth and easily blended stroke in oil paint.

  • Superior quality
  • High price point
  • For oil paint
  • Size 0 to 4
  • Long lasting

Our rating: 99% for Oil use only

Winsor & Newton Series 7 Kolinsky Sable Brushes and Set

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14. AIT Art Select Red Sable Detail Brush Set, 7 Pure Russian Sable Paint Brushes

Made in Germany, the AIT set of sable brushes is very good quality with excellent ratings by users.

  • 100% one year guarantee
  • Excellent snap back of brushes
  • Size 10/0 to size 2

Our rating:  97% for oil only

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15. ARTEGRIA Detail Brush set of 17

Sometimes more really IS better… this set by Artegria is new on the market but comes with a whopping 17 piece set of brushes with a huge variety of shapes. They are nylon hair, which is great for acrylic or oil or watercolor.  Not manufactured for longevity, this set should last you through quite a few projects before the bristles may start to separate.

  • Huge variety: liners, spot painters, dagger stripers, rounds and flats
  • Compatible storage box
  • Ergonomic triangular handles
  • Highly rated by users

Our rating: 89%

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Things to Consider While Buying Brushes for Miniature Painting

Take these features into account while buying brushes for miniature painting.  From my own experience, nothing is worse than splayed hairs on a miniature paintbrush.  It’s just impossible to create anything of quality with a poor brush!

For my money, I want a high performing brush that will last more than a couple of strokes before it starts to wear out!  I need my brushes to perform AND feel comfortable in my hand.  Miniature work requires a steady, firm grip and if the brush handle it too tiny, it’s a prescription for joint and hand cramps.

Variety of Tips

If you are buying an entire set of paintbrushes for your miniatures, then make sure you get a variety for finishing and detailing the art pieces. Liner, round, flat, fine-pointed, and angular tips should be part of the complete paintbrush set you want to buy for miniature painting.

Your preference for sable or synthetic fibers will be a prime consideration for your final choice.

Synthetic hairs will snap back into original shape nicely, if you take care of them by keeping them clean and rinsed of acrylic paints.  Natural fibers like squirrel and sable will be supple and deliver smooth lay-down of paint.

If your intent is to paint oil miniatures, you will enjoy natural fibers or a synthetic sable for smooth blending of colors with a satin finish.

Natural fiber paintbrushes are more expensive than nylon, so I don’t recommend them for anything except oil or watercolor.  Acrylic paints are too hard to wash out completely of the fibers, and unless you are very attentive while you paint, the paint tends to dry on the bristles before you know it, making it difficult to keep them pristine and new-like.


You also need to assess the construction of brushes before settling on any set. The bristles must be strongly tied together. A good indication of that strong bind is the double-crimped construction of the ferrules.

If you are in for long sessions of painting, try to get your hands on brushes that feature a triangular grip or an ergonomic handle.  Nothing will put a stopper to your work than muscles cramping from gripping tiny, tiny brush handles.

If you are a painter who prefers to grip your paintbrush down close to the ferrule, then an ergonomic handle won’t work for you.

ProTip: If you find yourself gripping the paintbrush down into the ferrule, I highly recommend buying ergonomic miniature brushes and training yourself to hold the brush on the special handle.  It may not be important now, but as you paint for longer and longer session times, you’ll be glad you retrained your grip!

Additional Supplies:

Protip: Taking care of your favorite brushes will lengthen the years of service that they will give you. I always thoroughly clean my brushes after every session and coat the fibers with this conditioner when I’m done.  Be sure to reshape the tips into a round, sharp point or flat (depending on what it originally was) and let it air dry vertically so that it doesn’t get ‘ironed’ into a wonky shape.

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Protip: Never leave your miniature brushes soaking in the rinse water tub.  Their fibers are too small and fragile to handle the pressure and gravity from the weight of the brush, and they will get ‘ironed’ into a wonky angle or start to splay apart.

Rather, first clean them in fresh water first, if you are going to set it aside for a moment or two.

Protip: Keeping the brushes pristine is of paramount importance and for my best brushes, I only use the Artbin holders. I love how the foam holders space each brush apart from its neighbor and how I can pack the brushes in zig-zag fashion so that it holds a lot of brushes, yet the bristles/hairs never touch anything.

They are suspended to dry and for storage.  I know it’s a bit spendy, but I have a box for my best brushes for each medium.

I consider it the same as keeping a prized car in a garage: it’s an investment in keeping quality like new.

The lesser valued brushes in my studio go in mugs and other containers.

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I hope that the above reviews and buying guide help you pick the best brushes for miniature painting within the money you want to spend. If I were to make any suggestions, I would recommend to our readers the BOSOBO Brush Set.

The set offers a lot of variety with painting tips. It is also versatile when it comes to working with different paints.

We also like this brush set because it is easy to maintain. Despite all these valuable features, it lies at a lower price point in comparison to other miniature paintbrush sets.



holding green figure and pianting best brushes for painting miniatures verycreate.com
Tiny brushes will deliver the best results in painting miniature models. This painter is gripping his brush really close to the tip, almost into the ferrule.


Can miniature paintbrushes only be used for miniature painting and finishing?

Their prime utility is with very small paintings.  Because the fibers are so short and so few, their usefulness in all practicality is limited to fine details.

What else can I use to paint miniatures?

Airbrushes engineered for tiny applications are an excellent resource for painting very professional looking miniatures, and for doing larger quantities, like an army, fast.  Check out my article on the best airbrushes for miniatures painting.

What is the advantage of a short-handled paintbrush?

A short-handled brush offers a firmer grip and better control. It is great for people who have just started doing miniature painting.

What is the best paint for miniature painting?

Be sure to check out my in-depth article on the best paints for miniatures.  It caters to gaming and model miniatures. Don’t forget to grab a good sprue cutter for your 3d printed miniatures.

Acrylic paints are considered best for miniature models in most of the cases. They are quick to dry and don’t undergo hue saturation even if their viscosity has been changed. Also, they come in a variety of finishes. You can get glossy as well as matte finish options in acrylic paints.

If you are painting realistic florals, landscapes or miniature portraits, oil paints will most likely be your best choice because of the blendability of the paint.

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