9 Best Benchtop Belt Sander Reviews in 2023 (MUST READ!)

Wood being sanded with a benchtop belt sander

These reviews of the best benchtop belt sanders will help you to find out the key features and functions of leading models on the market.

I have spend years in the woodshop and tried nearly all of these over the years. For the benchtop belt sanders I haven’t tried out yet, I pulled together all the research I could to compile this (hopefully) valuable resource for you to save time and money.

Quick List of My Top 9 Best Benchtop Belt Sanders:

  1. WEN 6502 (Top Recommended)
  2. Rikon Power Tools 50-151
  3. WEN 6502
  4. Rikon 50-112 Disc Sander
  5. Grizzly H6070 Belt and 5-Inch Disc Sander
  6. Wen 6515 Belt and Disc Sander
  7. Rockwell  RK7866
  8. POWERTEC BD4600
  9. Jet J4002 (Expensive But High Quality)

What Is a Benchtop Belt Sander Used For?

Benchtop belt sanders are powerful tools that use abrasive materials to strip wood rapidly. These devices are mounted on benches, as their name suggests. Hence, they have a different construction method as compared to handheld belt sanders. They also have much greater sanding power and are heavier.

Compared to handheld machines, benchtop belt sanders allow greater manual dexterity. You can use both your hands to process workpieces while employing benchtop belt sanders. Benchtop machines, therefore, allow much more precision and control than handheld machines.

As with all machines, the purpose is to allow you to complete the job quickly and more accurately with less effort. Bench belt sanders help you to apply good finishing to woodwork projects. They are suitable for small objects, which require meticulous care. These machines are also good for sharpening blades. But not all belt sanders can be used for metal surfaces.

Fine grit abrasive sandpaper is used for creating a smooth surface finish. Coarse sandpaper is suitable for material removal.

Man sanding a wooden project with a benchtop belt sander
Picking the best benchtop belt sander can be quite tricky. Check out what I have written below to save you time and money!

Here are some of the best benchtop belt sanders:

1. WEN 6502

The WEN 6502 is a popular belt and disc sander, which is affordable yet versatile. This power tool offers several useful features. It is suitable for both home and commercial use. Since its operation is straightforward, it is perfect for beginners. It is also very competitively priced. High quality material is used in its construction to ensure durability.

The WEN 6502 is powered by a strong 4.3 ampere motor, which provides a speed of 3,600 rpm. It uses the same motor that drives the POWER BD4600, which is nearly twice the price. Therefore, the WEN 6502 is cost-effective.

The model is equipped with 2 dust ports. One dust port is below the table top and the other one is at the back. This welcome feature allows you to choose whichever side is most convenient for you. A 2 x 2 inch coupler is needed to fit the external vacuum to these ports.

Since this model is user-friendly, beginners can use it immediately. The WEN 6502 has multiple safety features and is easy to use. Hence, it is ideal for those who have little experience with such power tools.

Here is a video demonstration of this sander:


Protective shrouds are constructed from plastic. They protect users from mishaps. The shrouds prevent your skin from coming into contact with the disc sander during operation. Due to the thoughtful design, the shrouds offer maximum protection without hindering you. The design concept is well-implemented as well.

The belt travels at a very decent 2,700 FPM while the disc speed is impressive at 3,450 RPM. The speeds are fixed. No variable speed controls are present. The power tool does not require any adjustment. Hence, its use is very simple and straightforward.

The belt table hosts a dedicated lock screw. The screw locks the belt securely in place both horizontally and vertically. You can easily lock the belt table in place and adjust it. A miter gauge is also available with the sanding disc. It can be locked in place securely with the secure knob.

The unit is suitable for general purpose sanding due to the 80-grit belt and 80-grit sanding disc. In order to minimize wood burning, you may use the 60-grit sanding pad.

For a more customized work, you can replace sanding pads of both the disc and the belt. The unit operates efficiently with the graphite pad. The pad lowers wear on the sanding pad to extend longevity.

The tension release lever makes it easier for you to change discs. Sanding pads can be changed quickly. The machine is sturdy and stable. Steel base variant is available for higher stability and lower vibration.

In short, the WEN 6502 provides power and features of the expensive models at a lower price.

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2. Rikon Power Tools 50-151

The Rikon Power Tools 50-151 hosts an integrated surface for disc and belt sanding surface. This sanding machine is designed for light use and small projects.

The Rikon Power Tools 50-151 contains two vacuum ports for efficient dust extraction. There is one port each for the disc sander and belt sander. Many older models do not offer dust extraction function.

The vacuum surface of the disc sander extends the disc to remove dust. Dust holes on the disc are not used for this purpose.

The Rikon Power Tools 50-151 can accommodate belts measuring 1” by 30”. A 100-grit belt is provided with the 50-151.

An 80-grit disc is available for the disc sander, which is designed for 5” inch discs. It can also accommodate smaller discs, but this is not recommended. Rikon Power Tools 50-151 supplies its own range of abrasives from 80-grit to 220-grit for both disc and belt types.

Discs can be replaced by removing table and adjustment handles. You can take off sanding discs and use pressure sensitive adhesives to replace them. Three screws, belt guard and lock knob must be removed to release belt tension. You may then install a new belt and replace parts.

The motor draws a fairly large 2.3A current at 120V. This may not be the most powerful model. But it can meet your daily sanding requirement needs.

The two sanding surfaces can operate concurrently. Hence, you can conveniently switch between the two surfaces. There is no need to wait for one to shut down while the other starts up.

The motor can rotate at 3,450 RPM. It is coupled with the disc sander directly for matching speed.

The rotational speed of this device cannot be varied. This makes the device easier to operate and is the standard across similar devices. This should not have any impact on your projects. The belt can operate at 3,270 SPFM.

The machine has been well designed for good ergonomics. The company has put decent effort behind the ergonomic design, although it is more important for hand tools. As a result, the device is easy and comfortable to work with. There is a back plate with the belt for better handling of the work piece. The belt itself is surrounded by a big tilt table, which has a nearly 6” diameter.

You can manage your piece more easily thanks to this feature. Your piece can rest on this surface and also have its position adjusted suitably.

The disc sander also features user-friendly design. It has a 7.25” by 4.75” aluminum table to support your work piece.

The unit weighs only 16 pounds and has a small 13” x 15” footprint. It won’t take up excessive space and is portable.

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3. Kalamazoo 1SM

The Kalamazoo 1SM employs a minimalist approach for belt sanding work. Due to its compact nature and relatively low weight, it will fit easily on most benches.

While other devices offer a disc sander, the Kalamazoo 1SM provides only the belt sander due to its minimalist approach. The belt measures 1-inch wide and has a long length of 42 inches. Kalamazoo 1SM also offers other 50, 80 and 100-grit type aluminum oxide belts. These must be purchased separately.

There is no dust removal feature for this model. But you may purchase a DCV-4 vacuum base if you so desire. The Kalamazoo 1SMazoo 1SMV has a built-in vacuum base.

You can replace the belt in under a minute. The belt can be secured with the screw lock and spring-loaded tensioner.

The Kalamazoo 1SM is powered by a 115V 1/3 HP motor, which rotates at 1725 RPM. The 4-inch drive wheel enables the machine to operate at 1800 SFPM. You may also purchase a 1425 RPM variant which operates at 220V and 50 Hz.

The machine can be switched on or off simply by flipping the switch located on the motor. The tracking of the belt can be adjusted with a lever on top of the tool.

The bench sander has small footprint and compact dimensions. The base is only 8 inches by 12 inches, while the height is 22 inches. For permanent installation, mounting points are available for bolts. But if you do not want to install the unit permanently, then you can mount it on a lightweight board.

The weight of the device is 35 pounds. This weight keeps the device stable and reduces vibration and unwanted motion.

A worktable is also supplied with the unit to provide support. It is firmly secured in horizontal position by a bolt that can be tightened as desired.

A substantial amount of the belt is exposed due to the design. This provides plenty of leeway for users. They can sand higher up the section that is not supported and in places with a platen.

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4. Rikon 50-112 Disc Sander

The Rikon 50-112 disc sander provides power and flexibility for working on small wood parts.

The disc has been placed perfectly for ease of use. It is located at an optimal distance from the belt. You can use it easily to sand the entire surface of your work piece.

Due to power and speed, you can finish the job quickly. This frees you up for other important tasks in your workshop. Thanks to its accuracy and ease of use, even novices can craft their workpieces to perfection. They can use this versatile machine for creating finished pieces of different shapes and sizes.

Due to solid construction details and high material quality, the machine is durable. It will provide reliable and consistent service for a long time. The machine feels very strong and rigid. You can, therefore, expect good alignment for both belt and grinder over a long timeframe.

You can also purchase a dust extraction tool separately for this device. This will keep the area clean and free from dust.

The belt drive is easy to use and highly adjustable as well. It can be adjusted horizontally and vertically allowing you to work with all shapes and sizes.

The heavy-duty base is constructed from steel and cast iron to keep the device stable. These dense materials provide a solid foundation for vibration-free function and steady operation. The machine weighs a formidable 43 pounds.

Belt speed is 1900 SFPM. This ensures quick finishing, fast operation and time saving for users. The motor draws 4.3 ampere current at 110 volts. The strong motor and 3450 RPM disc speed provides maximum reliability and high torque.

The dependable machine can deliver uninterrupted operation for several hours. Precise orientation is facilitated by means of the miter gauge. You can tilt the belt from 0 to 90 degrees and the table from 0 to 45 degrees.

Friendly and reliable customer service provides assistance in case of technical difficulties. In case you need parts, the company will deliver them in just a few days. The belt itself is enduring, inexpensive and easy to replace.

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5. Grizzly H6070 Belt and 5-Inch Disc Sander

The Grizzly H6070 provides the functionality of belt and disc abrasives in a well-integrated package. This machine can be used for finishing complex parts and all sorts of intricate surfaces. It is suitable for both novices and experienced professionals since it is simple to use.

Whether it is polishing surfaces or trimming edges, the Grizzly H6070 and can do it all with finesse. The idler roller guard and belt platen facilitate hassle-free and simple contour sanding. The highly durable disc and belt sanders can work on metal and wood.

The machine is capable of both light and heavy duty use. The motor can operate smoothly with the help of the tracking adjustment feature. It is also durable due to high quality construction and can last long. Hence, the unit provides good value for money.

The machine is easy to use and set up. The belt change mechanism allows users to change the belt quickly and conveniently. This saves time and effort. The unit has been equipped with dust collection ports to keep the working area dust-free. These ports minimize cleanup after the job is done.

The machine has been engineered for precision and simplicity. It allows you to maintain control while delivering great results with minimum effort. It can be used for hobby and is also capable of providing high quality professional results.

The Grizzly H6070 weighs just 20 pounds. It is lighter compared than other machines of the same category. It is, therefore, a better choice for those who need to carry the machine to different places. It also has relatively small dimensions. The unit will therefore not occupy excessive space.

The sander is 1 inch wide and 30 inches in length. Along with the 5 inch sander, this versatile machine can be used for a wide array of tasks. You can put both sanders to good use by using them in tandem. You do not have to shut down one sander to use the other. It is possible to get the best out of both sander types concurrently.

The table can be accurately tilted up to 45 degree for improved functionality.

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6. Wen 6515 Belt and Disc Sander

The WEN 6515 is a well-designed combination of belt and disc sanders. The belt has dimensions of 1” x 30” while the disc has five inch diameter. The two sanders have been designed and configured to smoothen and polish rough timber, splinters and jagged surfaces.

The motor requires 2.3AMP current at 120 volts. The belt travels at a speed of 3160 feet per minute. This allows the machine to finish jobs quickly and smoothly. The disc has a rotational speed of 3450 RPM. The motor does not slow down even with heavy duty use. It can perform all kinds of tasks without problems.

The body and base are constructed from steel for sturdy construction. The machine is, therefore, built to last. The heavy base provides a solid foundation for the machine. This keeps the unit steady and vibration-free during operations. Unlike lighter machines built from cheap plastic material, the Wen 6515 will not wobble around the surface. Since the machine has sufficient weight, it does not need to be held down by bolts. However, bolt holes have been provided for the convenience of those who want to hold down the machine firmly on a work bench.

Belt change mechanism allows users to replace belts quickly without delay. You can change the abrasive grit surface to easily switch between shaping and polishing. The sturdy work table provides reliable support for work pieces. The belt is capable of tilting from zero to ninety degrees for high-precision sanding operation. 80-grit sanding disc and 100-grit belt are supplied with the unit. A miter gauge facilitates accurate sanding on surfaces inclined at different angles. The stop bar offers high level of control and maximum safety. These features enable operators to process a broad range of work pieces with a high degree of precision.

The enduring abrasive material is also suitable for shaping and finishing small steel parts. It can easily sharpen planer blades, chisels and knives. The 5-inch abrasive discs are attached by adhesives. In addition to the 80-grit abrasive disc, you can also purchase other discs with different degrees of roughness. To replace the existing 80-grit disc with a new one, you can remove it by heating it with a heat gun. This will soften the adhesive and allow you to remove the disc. The new disc can then be pressed into place.

This sanding device is a cost-effective solution for high quality finishing and material removal. The belts can endure long hours of operation without significant degradation. This unit is a useful addition to small workshops.

The machine comes with 2 year warranty.

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7. Rockwell  RK7866

The Rockwell RK7866 is a remarkable symbiosis of disc and belt sanders for prime finishing and material processing.

This unit is equipped with a sanding table to enable operators to work with beveled contours. The advanced belt mechanism accommodates both vertical and horizontal sanding.

The powerful motor allows users to accomplish more in less time. High speed and power ensures high quality work with maximum ease and convenience.

You can also change belts quickly with minimal effort. This is possible thanks to the tension belt lever for quick release.

The Rockwell RK7866 has been designed with simplicity, ergonomics and simplicity as the main features. Hence, the machine is very simple to use. Even novices can start using this model straight away. The unit supplies beginners a high level of control and accuracy for professional grade projects.

The ergonomic design allows experienced and new users alike to sand off, cut and chisel rough edges and unwanted bits with ease. The well-engineered body has compact dimensions. It, therefore, has a limited footprint and does not occupy excessive space. The sturdy construction indicates that the machine is capable of reliable extended use. Its consistent performance certainly does not disappoint.

The Rockwell RK7866 is easy to assemble and set up. New sanding belts can be installed quickly in very little time. The abrasive disks can also be changed rapidly. As a result, you can switch easily between tasks. For instance, you can change quickly from material removal to polishing operation. You can hence perform multiple tasks without long delays or disruptions.

Two spacious tables have been installed on the device to permit meticulous operations. You can convert belt orientation from horizontal to vertical and vice versa. Hence, a handheld sander is not needed for working irregular pieces. This feature will save you plenty of time and money.

The disc sanding table is capable of being accurately adjusted between 0 and 45 degrees. Beveled edges and smooth contours can be created with high precision and workmanship due to this feature. Moreover, the sanding tables are easy to adjust and stable. You can detach these tables if you do not need them.

The heavy duty induction motor operates with 4.3 AMP current at 120V. It provides high level of power for continuous and reliable operations.

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8. POWERTEC BD4600 Belt Disc Sander

This is the ideal 2 in 1 power tool for professional woodworkers and hobbyists alike. The belt sander can be arranged wither vertically or horizontally. Therefore, it can perform all kinds of intricate finishing and material removal operations. You can create all sorts of well polished, fine and premium surfaces with this device. The work table is easily interchangeable. It can be used for both belt sanders and disc sanders.

There is also a portable dust collection device to clean up dust and particles. Your work area will have lower levels of dust. Less time and effort is required on your part to cleanup the area after working. Since it has a large capacity you do not need to clean or change the port too frequently.

This dual sander combination is the ideal solution for the full spectrum of woodworking jobs. The heavy duty induction motor draws a heavy current of 4.3 AMP at 120V. The unit has plenty of power so that you can perform all kinds of woodworking operations with ease.

The heavy cast iron base anchors the unit firmly in place. The device will not wobble around or vibrate even during heavy use. The housing is made from high quality steel to ensure that the unit lasts for a long time.

Changing abrasive material is no longer a hectic chore. Quick release mechanism will enable you to change the sandpaper easily.

A miter gauge is also provided for accurate sanding at precise angles.

The belt dimensions are 4” x 36”. At 4 inches wide, the abrasive belt is much thicker compared to other sanding devices. The high motor power and wide belt configuration enables this heavy duty device to perform more work in shorter timeframe.

Overall, the POWERTEC BD4600 is a good choice for professionals and hobbyists in need of a reliable and powerful sander.

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9. JET J-4002 Bench Belt and Disc Sander 

This high-end machine has been designed to execute tasks performed by hand files, coping saws and jigsaws efficiently. It combines the functions of abrasive discs and belts to deliver superior quality finish. As a result of its ergonomic design, operators can perform finishing, grinding and sanding operations. The machine makes it easier for operators to manage complex work pieces.

The abrasive belt can perform finishing and removal tasks concurrently. Operators can use the belt for difficult angles and odd shapes.

Heavy duty steel base keeps the machine steady and minimizes vibrations. Using deluxe miter gauge, operators set angles up to 45 degrees on both sides.

The JET J-4002 comes with a 2-year warranty.

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Here is a basic use and safety tutorial video you may find useful

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