Raymond Kinman – VeryCreate.com Creator Spotlight

raymond kinman - woodcarving - verycreate.com

I am very pleased to present to you our very first VeryCreate Creator Spotlight. This is going to be an ongoing series and we will bring to life incredibly talented artists by sharing their skills and creations here at VeryCreate.com.

Today’s spotlight is with Raymond Kinman.

Raymond has worked in the woodcarving business for more than 40 years. He is an incredible craftsman and you are in for a treat with this spotlight.

Raymond first began by carving a wood sign for a friend’s restaurant business in California. He did a great job and it bloomed into a very exciting career including working for Disney Imagineering for many years.

Checkout This Video About Raymond’s Background and History

Raymond’s Woodcarving In A Few Steps To Greatness

Below is a small sample of the incredible work that Raymond has recently created. Please enjoy!!

First Step – Initial Design

raymond kinman - woodcarving - verycreate.com 2


Second Step – Carving

raymond kinman - woodcarving - verycreate.com 3


Final Step – Painting

raymond kinman - woodcarving - verycreate.com


Certainly, there are many more steps to creating a beautiful piece of artwork like this but you can see Raymond is truly one of the best woodworkers and designers in the world!

Raymond’s Work Is Live At Disneyland!

If you have been to Disneyland recently, you will be greeted with some amazing woodcarvings. Many of which were created by Raymond.

Below is a quick visual of The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh wood carved sign created by Raymond.

raymond kinman - woodcarving - verycreate.com 4


Next time you are at Disneyland be sure to see this amazing piece of artwork!

raymond kinman - woodcarving - verycreate.com 5


Getting To Know Raymond Kinman A Little More

If you are interested to learn more from Raymond, he can be reached on his social channels and also on his website.

Be sure to Follow Raymond for updates and check out his Facebook here.

You will absolutely be amazed at all of Raymond’s gallery of creations. I have really enjoyed scrolling through his more than 300 posts! Check out his Instagram here.

Definitely go check out Raymond’s website here, the WoodcarverGuru.com. He offers a highly sought-after woodcarving training course. You may have an interest to join his program be sure to go sign up quickly since the waiting list is usually months out.


Here is one more video that is an interview with Raymond by Woodcraft. As you can see he is a talented creator and we so glad to have him join our VeryCreate Creator Spotlight series!

Steven Carroll

Thank you for reading my article. I have a passion for creating with 3D printing, woodworking, welding, and drawing. I hope you have learned a little from my mistakes and lessons learned. This article is meant to be a help to you! Thank you again for your time!

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