15 Best Hybrid Table Saw Reviews and Buying Guide

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Hybrid table saws are made for both the contractor and the cabinet maker. The best hybrid table saws deliver clean cuts at reasonable pricing with a slew of features and mobility. There are countless reasons why multi-purpose saws are becoming a darling of many woodcutters. A hybrid saw is an excellent choice for contractors on a budget or anyone with limited space.

Quick List of The Best Hybrid Table Saws

  1. SawStop CNS175-TGP <<Best Hybrid Table Saw
  2. Grizzly Industrial G0690
  3. Powermatic PM1000
  4. Shop Fox W1819
  5. Dewalt DWE7491RS
  6. Laguna Tools Fusion
  7. Woodtek 159356
  8. Delta 36-5052
  9. Shop Fox W1824
  10. Dewalt DW745 <<Most Portable
  11. Bosch 4100
  12. Shop Fox W1837
  13. Rockwell RK7241S
  14. Grizzly GO715P
  15. RIGID R4512

Numerous models are available today. Because of this, making an informed choice can be confusing. We have done the hard work for you. After extensive research and deep analysis, we finally settled on the following 15 best hybrid table saws:

Best Hybrid Table Saws Complete With Reviews

#1: SawStop CNS175-TGP36

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This SawStop CNS175-TGP36 is the best hybrid table saw for those with a home workshop due to its large size. It features a professional T-Glide fence system to guarantee a smooth operation coupled with measurement accuracy. 

The saw’s SawStop technology ensures you are protected from injuries courtesy of electrical signals within the blade. When contact is made with your skin, the signal not only changes but the safety system is subsequently activated.

The saw is unmatched when it comes to finish and fit. It boasts kin attention to detail. Enjoy sure lockdown without deflection.


  • Smooth operation
  • Safety guaranteed
  • Power operation (4.0MX horsepower)
  • Large enough for a comfortable operation


  • Pricey 

#2: Grizzly Industrial G0690

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An avatar of quality and performance, the Grizzly G0690 tops our list of high-grade table saws. From its heavy cast iron trunnion and table to massive wings and 3 horsepower triple belt drive, there is everything to love about it. Some of the impressive features of this saw include riving knife, 4-inch dust collection port, heavy cast handwheels, T-slot miter gauge, Camlock T-fence, and high-quality magnetic switch.

In addition to meeting the UL 987 standards, the saw is also CSA certified. Its quick-release feature is handy for the splitter assembly, motor guard and riving knife. Through its knurled knobs, you can adjust the glide fence system easily. 


  • CSA certified
  • Easy to set up 
  • Mobile base 


  • Short power cord

#3: Powermatic PM1000

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Among the many features of this tool, you have to love how compact and well-designed it is. Its level of accuracy is also out of this world. The saw features a 50-inch fence to offer adequate space for you to work on. Operating in 115V, we can authoritatively state that it is one of the most power-efficient saws in the market. A spacious collection of hose maximizes dust collection. You can unblock the path for the dust to get to the collection port.

Another great highlight of this tool has to do with its hands’ free switch that is conveniently located. Its tool-less guard assembly coupled with independent side leaves makes it safe and easy to operate.


  • Low power consumption
  • Arbor lock feature
  • Adjustable miter gauge
  • Maximized dust collection 


  • Dust collector could have been bigger

#4: Shop Fox W1819

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The Shop Fox W1819 operating on a 2 horsepower, 110/220V single-phase motor features a maximum rip capacity of 12’’ to the left and 30’’ to the right. You can tilt its blade left at a 45-degree angle thus giving it the utmost ability to enhance accuracy. The tool’s speed is 3850 RPM with an arbor size of 5/8 inches. The operational quality and feel of the fence is excellent, to say the least.

Its lockdown feature improves safety. While generally, this machine is not a massive powerful profile, you can rest assured that it runs quietly and smoothly. The only drawback we noticed has to do with its assembly. While the instruction manual is easy to understand, assembly somewhat takes time.


  • Smooth and quiet operation
  • Consistent accuracy
  • Extremely powerful 
  • Sturdy construction 


  • Complicated assembly


>>Check Price On Amazon<<

DeWalt is a reputable manufacturer of power tools. This model is another great addition to its extraordinary collection. Adjusting its fence for precise cuts is super easy. A rack coupled with a pinion fence system makes fence adjustments accurate and easy. With its rip capacity of 32.5-inches, it can cut through large shelving. Trimming materials is also easy.

If the major concern you have when buying a hybrid table saw is cleanliness, then you need to buy this one. You will appreciate its impressive and efficient dust management. It features a 2’’ dust collection port that you can connect to your vacuum for effective dust management. 


  • Excellent dust collection system
  • Powerful motor
  • Portable design


  • Poorly fitted miter gauge

#6: Laguna Tools Fusion

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Looking for an excellent table saw that you can use to complete only light-duty jobs? If yes, this makes a great choice. The tool’s 1.75 horsepower motor can struggle with sophisticated assignments. Therefore, professional woodworkers or contractors should avoid this. Nonetheless, if you are a hobbyist, this is an incredible option as you work towards more sophisticated assignments.

To make it portable, the tool comes with mobility wheels that are built into the base thus making it effortless to move from one location to another. For the novice woodworkers, stability should be a top priority when you work with power tools. You can rest easy when you buy this one as its trunnions are mounted on its frame to guarantee the utmost stability. 

Another great attribute of this table saw is that it was built for precision. Make accurate cuts on any wood surface.


  • Dustless cabinet design
  • Arbor tilt micro-adjustment
  • Easy to change blades
  • Single belt design


  • Not good for industrial use or heavy projects

#7: Woodtek 159665

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The Woodtek 159665 is the best bet for professional woodworkers. It is very powerful. You can rest assured it will handle any type of wood without any issues. It owes its strength to its 3 horsepower, single-phase motor featuring 115-230V voltage.

We also loved the fact that its assembly is effortless. The saw’s heavy-weight makes it stable. A unique feature of it is that it features a complete base that keeps all the emitted dust inside. You will also be glad to know that the blade guard is clear allowing you to enjoy a clear view of the blade guard whenever you are operating it. 


  • Clear blade guard
  • Spacious duct collector 
  • Utmost stability
  • Quick and easy assembly 


  • Challenge getting spare parts

#8: Delta 36-5052

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If you need ample space in the area you are working, you need to consider buying this table saw. It features 52-inches of RH Rip that ensure you have all the space you need to enjoy top-notch results. Its stability is another impressive feature. This is all thanks to the tubular stand that is among the most reliable ones in the market. When it comes to precision, this table beats them courtesy of a one-piece rail system.

In terms of safety, it features a blade brake that stops the blade immediately you turn off the power.


  • Highly accurate
  • Very spacious
  • Pretty stable
  • Powerful motor 


  • Complicates assembly process (poorly done manual)

#9: Shop Fox W1824

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This is among the most spacious hybrid table saws on this list. Its wide extended table makes all the difference. The fact that it is made of cast iron means that reliability and durability should be the least of your concerns. Its accuracy and precision are also out of this world. The saw’s Camlock fence and T-shaped miter gauge facilitate its super-high accuracy.

The model features a prewired 2HP motor that is capable of operating both under 220V and 110V current. It has a riving knife that not only works brilliantly but also features an anti-kickback system. In addition to keeping you safe, the saw’s anti-kickback system prevents wood from accumulating on the tabletop. 


  • Impressive rip capacity
  • Super-wide
  • Reliable and durable
  • Anti-kickback system


  • Sophisticated set-up

#10: DEWALT DW745

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Are you a serious woodworker and deck builder looking to add portability to your repertoire of woodworking capabilities? The relatively low cost of this machine makes it an incredible option for homeowners and hobbyists. It is among the most portable and lightest hybrid table saws on this list. 

The tool can handle even the toughest cuts. Making easy and quick adjustments is a walk in the park. Handling wood flooring and trimming is also a snap. Its rip capacity can effortlessly handle the cutting of both hardwood and large materials.

It brings with it accuracy and fast fence adjustments. The tool’s rolling stand is designed for effortless set up as well as a breakdown with excellent stability.


  • Lightweight and portable 
  • Great design
  • Durable 


  • Plastic fence

#11: Bosch 4100

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The best hybrid table saw is the one that not only makes precise cuts but also delivers enough power for sophisticated jobs. This worksite table from Bosch goes a notch higher by adding portability to its deliverables. It brings with it 8-inch pneumatic wheels that make it effortless to move from one site to another. Therefore, if you are always on the move, this tool is exactly what you need.

The table’s innovative stand enables you to adjust its height to meet all your cutting needs. This compatibility feature is handy to many woodworkers especially because of the diverse nature of jobs at hand. 


  • Precise cutting
  • Adaptable
  • High capacity
  • Portable 


  • Unstable gravity stand 

#12: Shop Fox W1837

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Enjoy solid cutting capabilities at an affordable price when you buy this hybrid table saw. It is excellent for an array of tasks. On top of that, the saw is highly portable, compact and built robustly. We also loved it because it runs powerfully and quietly. This is the best choice if you do some occasional sawing.

Whether you are a pro on budget or a hobbyist, this model from Shop Fox will meet your needs. Its steel wings together with wheels make it effortless to not only lift but also move short distances. 


  • Spacious dust port
  • Lift-off fence with rear/front locking ability
  • Versatile
  • Quiet operation 


  • Inaccurate fence 

#13: Rockwell RK7241S

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An impressive feature of this saw is the fact that it boasts the largest cutting depth of all saws in its class. There is no doubt about that. It brings with it an exclusive laser indicator that adjusts effortlessly for nothing short of a precise cut. You can fold the fence for extra-wide cut cuts and maximum rip capacity.

For increased portability, the saw comes with a fully assembled trolley stand. It has a quick-folding stand as well as wheels for easy transportation. 


  • Heavy duty
  • Exclusive laser indicator
  • Impressive cutting depth
  • Fully assembled trolley stand 


  • Bad positioning of on/off switch 

#14: Grizzly GO715P

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When it comes to sheer power, this model lies between weak and powerful. Simply put, its 2 horsepower motor does an excellent job but it is not ideal for dense wood. The fact that it provides the best of both cabinet and contractor saw makes it special. 

In terms of safety, it’s pretty neat. The design is okay. Every single component that is included is strategically positioned for maximum efficiency. Accuracy is great. The materials utilized are not only sturdy and reliable but can also withstand so much stress.


  • Convenient design
  • Safety guaranteed
  • Included measuring instruments 
  • Accurate performance 


  • Not ideal for beginners

#15: RIDGID R4512

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While this model might not deliver excellent results as some in this primer, it remains one of the best pocket-friendly table saws the market has to offer. This is all thanks to its ability to make cuts with the utmost precision. If you are looking for an inexpensive table saw to handle your weekend do-it-yourself jobs, then you need to consider this one.

The fact that it is made of high-quality cast iron simply means that it is highly durable. The last thing you have to worry about is vibration is its sturdy build eliminates it. You are also guaranteed of total stability when cutting wood.


  • Tilting blade
  • Durable
  • Stable structure
  • Pocket-friendly 


  • Complicated assembly 

Best Hybrid Table Saw Buying Guide

Buying a hybrid table saw is one of the most important investments a woodcutter makes. Due to the expensive nature of the purchase, making the right decision is crucial. Thorough research is necessary before settling on a saw. In this section, we share essential factors and features you need to know when buying the best hybrid table saw. 


Here are some of the most important factors you should consider when in the market for the best hybrid table saw:

Riving Knife

A common risk associated with table saws is kickback. Having a high-quality riving knife can drastically reduce the risk of kickback. Therefore, ensure the table you intend to purchase brings with it this feature. Another important thing you need to know is that a riving knife must have a similar curve as the saw’s blade. It needs to maintain its relative position, when you raise, lower or rotate the blade. To protect against kickback, the riving knife is preferred over a splitter. 


Horsepower defines your saw’s worth. A lower horsepower means that your table will not cut through the materials you need for your project. A machine with more horsepower than necessary results to instability, which can lead to not only loss of accuracy but also accidents.

Here’s some important information you need to know regarding horsepower:

  • A 1.5 – 2 horsepower motor draws 18 – 24 amps. It operates on a standard 120 volt circuit. Such a horsepower can cut through 2’’ thick hardwood. If the hardwood is thicker, it requires more torque.
  • A 3 – 5 horsepower motor operates on a standard 240volts circuit. It can cut through 3’’ hardwood. With an increase in power, there is always the risk of kickback. 

Smooth and Accurate Cutting

Your hybrid table saw must cut wood accurately and smoothly. Its blade needs to be excellent enough to cut through wood without any trouble. You need to make crosscuts, beveled cuts and rip cuts with great precision and accuracy. Because of this, the fence and miter gauge need to be accurate. If your miter gauges do not do the job as they ought to, it is prudent to replace them. 

Dust Control

To enjoy a chaos-free environment, having a clean workplace is necessary. When working with a hybrid table saw, you need to be prepared for a ton of sawdust. Placing a vacuum at the back is one of the ways of handling dust. Alternatively, you can have a shroud over your blade to redirect the dust released. In addition to that, you should empty your machine’s collection bag frequently.

Left Blade Tilt

Left blade tilts produce less kickback compared to a right blade tilt. In most cuts, the blade is normally set up at 90 degrees right from the table. With bevel and angle cuts, you need to tilt the blade at different angles. Do you prefer blade tilt to cut wood on angles? If yes, then it is prudent to settle for the left blade tilt because it is safer compared to the right blade tilt.

Drive Belt Design

A drive belt connects a hybrid table saw’s motor and saw blade. The main cause for vibration as you operate a saw is the drive belt. Therefore, to ensure your device is stable, you need a high-quality drive belt. Poly-V belts are better than wedge belts and regular V-belts as they produce less vibration. They guarantee a smooth operation. A top-notch drive belt available in the market today is a serpentine belt. Compared to others, it delivers a higher power output.

Flesh Sensor

When using a hybrid table saw, your safety should be a top priority. For this reason, you need to buy a saw featuring a flesh sensor. Although it will add to its price, it is a necessary feature to guarantee your safety. This feature can stop your blade within 0.01 seconds of contacting your skin. Once there’s the brake action, the flesh sensor causes the blade to drop below the table level. On top of that, it shuts down the motor.

Sturdy Construction 

Sturdy construction and durability are among the most important qualities a product (read hybrid table saw) should possess. To improve the machine’s life, metal parts are better compared to plastic parts. The ideal material is cast iron, although it is heavier compared to steel or aluminum. Your table saw needs to feature a smooth and flat surface coupled with sturdy legs to withstand any conditions and work properly. 

Easy adjustment

Adjusting the alignment of a saw’s blade needs to be a walk in the park. Adjustable blades that are effortless to adjust guarantee smooth and accurate cuts thus improving your work’s quality. The blade’s height, fence position, and bevel need to be adjustable to work with your hybrid table saw comfortably. Moreover, device parts need to be easy to lubricate. Friction shouldn’t be there when adjusting the parts.


One of the most important tools in a woodcutter’s workshop is a hybrid table saw. When shopping for one, you need to settle on a saw with great power, guaranteed safety, reasonable power consumption, affordable and an array of additional features.

With all these factors combines, we settled on the … as the best hybrid table saw.

Thanks to technological improvements, power tools are becoming powerful without jeopardizing on precision and accuracy. To improve productivity and safety, better features are implemented. With an increase in choices, the entire process can turn out to be complicated and confusing. We hope that with our guide, you will settle on a premium and high-quality hybrid table saw to meet your needs. 

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