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Looking for the best face paints that last long, leave vivid shades, and don’t irritate skin? Read this post to find out 15 of the best face paints available in the market right now.  We’ll show you the details with each product!  In short, our number one pick is Snazaroo Classic Face and Body Paint  <<Best Overall.


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Best Face Paint Reviews

If you want to steer clear of paint products with dubious ingredients and bland results, keep reading this blog. We have researched and shortlisted 15 of the best face paints available right now and reviewed them here.

If you are in a hurry and don’t have the time to skim through the entire article, have a glimpse of our list of 15 best face paints:

  1. Snazaroo Classic Face and Body Paint  <<Best Overall
  2. Neon Nights 8 x UV Body Paint
  3. Zenovika Face Paint Kit
  4. Dress-Up-America Face Paint Kit
  5. Artiparty Professional Face Paint Kit
  6. CCBeauty Professional Face Body Paint
  7. Blue Squid Face Paint Kit
  8. Arcturus Camo Face Paint Sticks
  9. Splashes and Spills UV Face and Body Paint Sticks
  10. Zalan Colored Zinc Sticks for Face and Body Paint
  11. Bo Buggles Professional Face Paint Kit
  12. Mosaiz Face Paint Kit Non-Grease 14 Colors  <<Best Face Paint with Food Grade Pigments
  13. Colorful Art Co. Face Paint Set
  14. Arteza UV Face Paint Kit
  15. Kraze FX 6 Color Face Paint Palette Set of 2

Best Face Paints Reviews

Face painting is a simple trick that can make any event more fun and memorable. Whether it is comic-cons, stadium outings, music festivals, cosplaying, cultural events, or birthdays and baby showers, face paints let you put your fun and party face on. Even if there is no event, one can still use face paints to have fun weekends with kids.

However, you only find face painting fun as long as you have the right paints to work with. This is where many people struggle. You need face paints that don’t break down and deteriorate but are not harsh on the skin.  Also, they may leave vibrant colors on the skin, even after thorough cleansing.  The best face paints are quickly removed with little to no staining.

1. Snazaroo Classic Face and Body Paint– Best Overall

When people search for face paints, their leading concern is how it is going to affect their skin. Every face paint brand claims to be skin-friendly, but only a few of them live up to that claim. Snazaroo face and body paint matches up to that claim. It is one of the best face paints when it comes to skin-friendliness.

This water-based paint is primarily formulated for sensitive skin. To ensure its skin-friendly characteristic, independent toxicologists and dermatologists review Snazaroo face paints. It is also free from harsh chemicals usually added to give paints a fragrance. Besides being non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and skin-friendly, this face paint is also easy to apply and easy to remove.

You can use any sponge or even regular cotton to apply it. It dries quickly and leaves a vibrant color.  With a good liner brush, very thin lines are easily accomplished.   Similarly, you can remove it with soap and warm water or a baby wipe. As soon as the paint washes away, your facial skin gets back to its natural complexion without experiencing any irritation.  This is the brand we use in our family!

  • Fully compliant with FDA and EU cosmetic regulations
  • Easy to remove— no scrubbing and harsh removers are required
  • Available in classic, metallic and sparkle styles
  • Oover one dozen colors available including  metallic and sparkle

Our rating: 98%

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2. Neon Nights 8 x UV Body Paint– Best Neon Paint for Black Lights

If you want to step up your face painting game, this UV body paint by Neon Nights is an option worth considering. It is a set of eight face and body paints in different neon colors. These UV paints are handcrafted in Germany and offer an all-around vibrancy.

Unlike regular UV face and body paints, they have a strong color exhibition even in regular light. On the other hand, their neon glow outshines any other similar face paint under UV black lights. They are also easy to remove from the face as well as clothes, allowing you to use them without any inhibitions.

Neon Night face and body paints let you spice up your night-outs and festival outings without much effort. It is easy to apply. You can use any brush, scrub, or even bare fingers to put these neon shades on your face and body.

  • One set is enough for face painting of four people
  • Come in vivid red, yellow, orange, blue, green, violet, white and pink shades
  • Give the best effect under black lights

Our rating: 98%

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3. Zenovika Face Paint Kit – Best Paint Set for Kids

No one can get as excited as kids when it comes to face painting.  Zenovika has put up this face paint kit primarily for kids. This assorted set kit contains 15 vibrant water-based color shades, 2 chalk hair colors, 2 glitters, and 60 reusable stencils for drawing perfect shapes. A set of brushes and sponges are also given for the easy application of the colors.

The manufacturer has made sure that kids can use these colors on their sensitive facial skin without any side effects. This water-activated makeup only contains cosmetic-grade ingredients that are completely non-toxic and hypoallergenic.

This paint set also comes handy for all those professionals who offer face painting services for events. Whether it is Halloween or any other themed party, this 15-color paint set will be enough to draw any avatar.

  • Removable by warm water and baby wipes
  • 1 kit is enough for 100 full-face applications
  • Comes with a step-by-step instruction book

Our rating: 95%

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4. Dress-Up-America Face Paint Kit– Best Face Paint Crayons

If you are not a professional face paint artist, you may hesitate in using scrubs and brushes to do the paint makeover.  Dress-Up-America has solved your problem and introduced face pain in crayons. You can apply the paint on the face just as you use a crayon on the paper.

The set contains 12 handy-size crayons with bright shades. You can hold them like a marker. The paint filled in these crayons is free of toxins and harsh chemicals. You can leave it on the skin as long as you want it. It won’t irritate or set off an allergic reaction.

The crayon configuration also makes it a good option for kids’ play activities. They can use these crayon paints on each other to have a great time. On birthday parties and similar get-togethers, this paint kit can become a hot commodity.

  • Comes in a convenient hard-case plastic box
  • Easy to remove— wipe with tissue paper, wash with warm water
  • Also available in 32-color set

Our rating: 95%

Dress-Up-America Face Paint Kit

5. Artiparty Professional Face Paint Kit

Many off-the-shelf cheap face paints don’t offer easy-on-the-eyes application. Once applied and dried, they look like tacky low-quality stickers. Artiparty has addressed this pain point while making its face paint kit. Its water-based face paints are as good as any other facial makeup accessory with their results.

Therefore, you can use them for any professional application as well. The set consists of 16 colors that come in sleek 10-ml pots with transparent plastic lids, all enclosed in a sturdy box.  Artiparty has also made sure that people of every skin type can use them without any reservations. They are non-toxic, paraben-free. They don’t contain any fragrance and don’t cause any allergy or irritation.

Due to their water-activated nature, these face paints are equally easy to apply and remove.

  • One kit is enough to paint 120 faces
  • Comes with three paintbrushes
  • Features 100% risk-free satisfaction guarantee

Our rating: 94%

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6. CCBeauty Professional Face Body Paint– Best Oil Face Paint

Professionals like to use oil options for face painting for two reasons. First, they offer a more vibrant color profile. Second, they are slow to dry which gives an artist enough time to employ them for required makeover and shapes.  CCBeauty Face and Body Paints fulfill both these requirements.

It is a set of 12 oil paints made from cosmetic-grade ingredients and comes with a kit of 10 brushes of different bristle lengths and widths. This assorted brush set is enough for making all sorts of face designs. Whether it is a cosplay or theater makeover, you can rely on this oil paint set.

Unlike other oil paints, it is not that difficult to remove these CCBeauty face paints. Wipe the face with a paper towel or cotton, apply any regular facial cleanser and rinse off with water— you will get rid of every last bit of the paint.

  • Grease paints— doesn’t require the addition of oil
  • Not suitable for skin with rashes
  • Ideal for fancy theme party makeovers

Our rating: 92%

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7. Blue Squid Face Paint Kit– A Kit with Best Paintbrushes

If you are looking for assorted water-based face paint with a suitable brush kit, then consider investing in this Blue Squid kit. It is a 12-color set comes in a reusable cosmetic tray with removable paint pots. Unlike similar other paint sets offering 3ml of each color, this Blue Squid features 10ml pots.

So, you get 120ml of water-based colors that are enough to paint 100 faces. Then, there is a 15-piece brush set including various shapes. From fan to angled and sawtooth to filbert, you have all types of bristle formations to paint exactly how you want.

Blue Squid has added more value to this face paint set by enclosing 30 stencils with it. These stencils are made of top-quality plastic and remain usable even after you finish all the paints.

  • Vivid colors with excellent coverage
  • Also comes in metallic style
  • Suitable for sensitive skin
  • Easy to apply and remove

Our rating: 92%

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8. Arcturus Camo Face Paint Sticks– Best Camouflage Face Paint

If you are looking to get in the complete character for your next paintball or airsoft competition, you may need these camouflage colors by Arcturus. It is a set of 3 double-ended paint sticks. This means you get six camouflage colors in this paint set.

One stick has light green and moss ends, the second stick has brown and black sides and the third one comes with forest and olive hues. These double-ended sticks offer quick and mess-free application. You can apply the colors directly from the sticks without grubbing both of your hands.

These camouflage paints don’t contain any harsh chemicals. Also, they don’t come off with sweat. You won’t need reapplication throughout the activity. Hunters and military personnel can also use them for their concealment requirements.

  • Come in handy push-up/down double-ended sticks
  • Feature all the camouflage colors
  • Don’t require cleanser to remove

Our rating: 92%

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9. Splashes and Spills UV Face and Body Paint Sticks

If you are going on a rave and you know that it will have a UV blacklight setup, you should consider buying this Splashes and Spills UV Paint Stick set. This set consists of six sticks of neon colors. When illuminated by UV blacklight, they come alive and look nothing short of high-end neon fixtures.

The most impressive thing about this UV face paint set is its stick configuration. Anyone who hasn’t held a makeup brush before can use these sticks to paint their own and friends’ faces. The manufacturer has thoroughly tested these paint sticks for all skin types. You can rest assured that they won’t cause any allergy on your sensitive skin.

Apart from the easy application, these UV paints are also easy to remove. Some water and a couple of paper towels are enough to get rid of this neon face paint.

  • Come in green, orange, pink, purple, blue and yellow neon shades
  • Offer best effects after a 30-minute exposure to sunlight
  • Come with a mini UV black light

Our rating: 90%

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10. Zalan Colored Zinc Sticks for Face and Body Paint– Best Water-Resistant Face Paint

People who sweat profusely can’t use water-based face paints because they come quickly. For them, it is pointless to apply water paints especially if they are attending events and gathering where the ambient temperature is always a bit high. Zalan has introduced an alternative for all such people with its Zinc Sticks.

It is essentially a set of eight face paint sticks with 10% zinc oxide. The inclusion of this ingredient makes them water-resistant.  The paint doesn’t come off with sweating and general exposure to water. The other impressive bit about these zinc paint sticks is that their application doesn’t result in a hard paint cover once dried. Your skin remains smooth after the application.

The use of zinc doesn’t make these colors harmful to the skin. FDA-approved wax is the primary ingredient of these zinc face and body sticks and thus they remain easy on all types of skins.

  • Easy to use paint sticks
  • Only removable through baby wipes and makeup remover
  • Do not develop hard paint coat

Our rating: 90%

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11. Bo Buggles Professional Face Paint Kit

If you want to stick with the classic face paint option, consider buying this set by Bo Buggles. It is a set of 12 water-activated colors and four glitter dusts.  The paint comes in solid form in 10gm pots that you can use to paint up to 100 faces. All the fourteen paint and glitter pots are covered with transparent lids and come in a fancy gift box.

Besides colors, you also get 50 adhesive stencils. This allows anyone to paint the face with striking shapes and designs like a pro. These adhesive stencils are well-made and follow the contour and flex of the facial skin.

Like any top-quality water-based colors, Bo Buggles face paint shades are easy to remove. They don’t get baked on the skin. Wash your face with warm water and soap and remove every last bit of the paint.

  • Comes with liner (fine detail) and filbert (large application) brushes
  • Stencils remain adhesive for 3-4 uses
  • Complies with all FDA standards— safe for skin

Our rating: 90%

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12. Mosaiz Face Paint Kit Non-Grease 14 Colors–  Face Paint with Food-Grade Pigments

Many parents refrain from getting face paint for their kids because they are not sure of how it will react to their delicate skin. For all such parents, Mosaiz is an option worth considering. It is a water-based paint set of 14 colors made with extreme diligence for sensitive skin.

This face paint set conforms to the ASTMD-4236 regulation. This means it is paraben-free, dye-free, and only contain food-grade pigmentations and ingredients. The application of these face paints doesn’t crack, itch, and irritate any skin type.

The painting set also comes with 30 stencils. These stencils are made of top-quality PVC and remain usable for long. Since white and black shades are used more frequently, they come in a larger quantity than other colors.

  • Non-toxic and non-greasy vibrant color palette
  • Comes with three different size brushes
  • Comes with peel and stick stencils

Our rating: 88%

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13. Colorful Art Co. Face Paint Set

If you are looking to have a smudge-free face paint application that lasts all day long, you can consider getting this 16-color face paint set by Colorful Art Co.  These water-based colors come in 10ml pots featuring a dynamic wavy block shape. These blocks have transparent protective lids and come in a sturdy covered tray.

The set also includes 3 brushes and 30 stencils. This supply allows you to make stunning face designs on your own. Face paints with stencils also provide kids with a great drawing and sketching opportunity. Like any top-of-the-line water-based face paint, this paint is also free from harsh chemicals. It is also free of paraben and other allergens.

This cosmetic-grade face paint is easy to apply and equally easy to remove. Warm water and a bar of mild soap are enough to thoroughly clean your face at the end of the day.

  • Lasts for more than 100 face paintings
  • Doesn’t smudge
  • Comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee

Our rating: 88%

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14. Arteza UV Face Paint Kit

If you are mulling over your getup for the next Halloween or Day of the Dead Event, you may love buying this face paint kit by Arteza. It is a palette of 12 vibrant UV colors that are water-activated. This means you can apply them on your delicate facial skin without worrying about the reaction.

They are free of toxins and don’t react and cause redness and rashes on any skin type. This skin-friendliness makes these fluorescent face paints suitable for both kids and adults. The palette comes with two brushes so you don’t need anything outside the kit. Open the case and start right away.

Arteza has used all the neon shades that glow brightest under black UV light. This is the reason why a face design furnished in Arteza colors stands out among other UV paints.

  • Safe and non-toxic
  • Quick to dry, easy to wash
  • Comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee

Our rating: 88%

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15. Kraze FX 6 Color Face Paint Palette Set of 2

This face paint set is the most assorted option on our list. Kraze FX offers a palette of basic colors and split cakes in this 2-in-1 set. You also get one separate brush with both sets. These colors are non-toxic, cosmetic-grade, and suitable for sensitive skin.

The 2-in-1 palette makes for all sorts of face paint works. Whether it is about drawing team flags or getting into a cosplay avatar, the six essential colors and six split cakes with four shades each will remain more than enough.

The impressive bit about these water-based paints is that they don’t smudge. Also, they don’t develop cracks after a long day of application. Besides brush, you can also use sponge and puff pads to apply the paint.

  • Easy to apply, easy to remove
  • Offer up to 180 face paintings
  • Comes with a 100% quality guarantee

Our rating: 90%

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Factors to Consider While Buying The Best Face Paint

lady leopard Best Face Paint for 2020 verycreate.com

Take these factors into account while buying any face paint kit.


You have primarily two options to choose from when it comes to face paints.

  • Water-based paints
  • Oil-base paints

Water-based paints are more popular for facial application. They are easy to apply and quick to dry.  Most importantly, they don’t contain harsh ingredients responsible for causing rashes and allergies. Oil face paints, on the other hand, are used for professional applications. They stay put on the face for long and gives more time to artists for drawing detailed designs and patterns.

You can also opt for UV paints if you want to paint your face on raves and other night events where there will be black lights. UV paints are also water-based.


You may have noticed in the above reviews that very few options feature paint palettes only. The majority of face paint products come in assorted sets. If you are buying face paints for the first time, we would recommend you to buy an assorted set that comes with brushes, sponges, and stencils so that you don’t need to buy anything outside of that set.


Face paints usually come in 3ml and 10ml sizes (each color). If you are buying face paints for occasional and personal use, choose paint sets with 3ml pots. However, if you are buying it for a party or face painting classes, then big kits are a better option. Professionals who paint faces every day should also opt for the biggest kit available.


If you know how to mix and blend multiple colors, then a six-color set is enough for all sorts of face paint designs. Otherwise, a 12-color face paint set will have enough shades to draw any design without needing color mixing.

Professional Uses of Face Paint

Apart from the fun at-home activities, kids’ pretend play and cosplay, face paints are also used for a number for serious professional purposes.

As an SFX Tool: Artists have been using face paints for creating special effects in films and movies for a long time. From mermaids to zombies, top-of-the-line face paints are used to develop several fictional avatars.

For Carnival Characters: Professionals use face pains in great detail to prepare all those interesting characters that you see at carnivals.

For Theatre Plays: Getup and mimicry artists also use face paints to make their imitations look more real.


We hope that the above reviews and discussion help you in picking the best face paint set within the money you want to spend.  If we are to give you a suggestion, we would recommend you buy Zenovika Face Paint Kit. It features 15 colors, 2 chalk hair colors and 2 glitters along with 60 stencils and available at a reasonable price point. These water-based colors are also easy to remove and suitable for sensitive skin. Among neon/UV face paints, the 8-color set by Neon Nights is a good option to consider.


Q-What is the shelf life of face paint?

A-Once you open a face paint jar or pot, it remains usable for up to 18 months, given that you store it in a dry place, away from direct sunlight.

Q-Is face paint safe for skin?

A-Yes, top-of-the-line face paints are completely safe for skin. They are made of cosmetic and food-grade ingredients. They are hypoallergenic and non-toxic and don’t damage, crack or irritate the skin.  However, some people have underlying health conditions that require especially clean products.  If you would like additional information, please read our article here.

Q-How to remove face paints?

A-If you are using water-based face paint kits, you can remove them by using a baby wipe or regular soap and warm water. For oil-based paints, you may need an oil-based makeup remover followed by gentle soap and water.



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