7 Best Brad Nailers Reviews in 2023 [Electric and Pneumatic]

Pneumatic brad nailer nailing in a window frame

Searching for an electric or pneumatic brad nailer is not an easy walk in the park. There are dozens of brad nailers available on the market which creates difficulty in selecting the best one.

You need to look at different features apart from the price to get a real deal. The electric brad nailer reviews below will highlight the functions and features of popular models available on the market in 2019. After reading this review, you will have an easier time selecting the best brad nailer that meets your exact needs.

Electric brad nailer used for building a wooden box
Use an electric brad nailer for all types of DIY projects!

What Is an Electric Brad Nailer Used For?

An electric brad nailer is an electrically powered device that uses brads, hence the name, to bind lightweight objects. The tool is used for binding wood trims, cabinetry, furniture work, crown moldings, and other small, precise nailing projects.

Using the brad nailer will make the task of driving nails safer and more convenient for you — no more injured thumbs due to badly aimed hammers. The brads have a thin gauge and a small nose that result in a firm binding.  You also won’t need to use putty to cover the hole when using a brad nailer.

Keep in mind that electric brad nailers are not suitable for plastic sheeting, insulation, and binding thin materials such as veneer. You need to use another tool such as a brad gun or stapler for these projects.

Moreover, electric brad nailers are not suitable for construction projects like the framing of the house. A framing nailer with coil or stick magazine should be used for construction work.

Here are some of the best electric brad nailers available online. The products reviewed here have received high reviews from customers due to quality features and functions.

1.     NEU MASTER Electric Brad Nailer/Stapler N6013

NEU MASTER is one of the renowned brands that manufacture quality home improvement appliances. The Electric Brad Nailer/Stapler N6013 has attracted rave reviews due to excellent quality and functionality.

The corded tool supports both brad nails and staples. You can use the tool for most DIY projects including wooden handiwork, home improvement projects, and upholstery. The electric-powered tool has a power-adjustable knob that lets you select the right setting for soft and hard material.

A great feature we like about this corded brad nailer and stapler is the contact safety switch. The safety switch prevents damages due to unintentional firing. This results in optimum safety when carrying out DIY or professional projects.

This electric brad nailer works with different sized nails including type F15 15 to 16 mm nails. The home improvement tool has an anti-jamming feature that reduces the risks of the tool malfunctioning during the middle of a project.

The brad nailer plus stapler tool supports 18 gauge 9/16”, 5/8” nails. Moreover, the brand nailer supports T50 9/16”, 5/8” staples. The tools come with 100 pieces of brad nails and 400 pieces of staples and 100 pieces of brad nails.

Most customers have praised the ease-of-use of the brad nailer/stapler. You can easily use and reload the gun without much problem. Just squeeze and pull out the bracket at the back and slide in the staples with the pointer site upwards. Once done, you should push the assemble upwards to lock the tool.

The nail gun also features an adjustable knob that provides greater precision when it comes to DIY home improvement projects. You can set the desired setting for hard or soft material by turning the knob.

You can use the brad nailer upside down and sideways without any problems. The tool is suitable for stapling new carpet, reupholstering furniture, repairing cabinets and many other simple DIU task. A lot of customers have particularly praised good ergonomics design that results in less fatigue. Customers particularly like the no jamming feature that makes driving nails effortless and easy.

Overall, this is a great combo tool with excellent safety and usability features. The product offers great value for money that won’t disappoint.

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2.     BOSTITCH BTFP12233 Smart Point 18GA Brad Nailer Kit

Stanley Bostitch specializes in the manufacture of staple guns. The company develops various tools including riveters, staple guns, glue guns, and brad nailers. The BTFP12233 Smart Point 18GA brad nailer gun has received high reviews for reliable performance.


The manufacturer of the brad nailer claims of a patented Smart Point Technology that results in the easy placement of the nails. Due to the small head of the brad nailer, you don’t even need to compress the contact trip for driving nails.

The brad nailer has a jam release mechanism allowing you to easily remove the nail. This tool also features Dial-A-Depth Control trademark feature that claims to result in precise delivery of nails.

You will find in the kit quarter inches air fitting, sample fastener, no-mar tips, and carrying case. The great features of the tool make it perfect for paneling, upholstery, and cabinetry. You can select a different trigger system and options based on your exact project needs.

With this brad nailer, you can drive 5/8-inch to 2-1/8-inch length nails. The selectable trigger system allows you to perform contact or sequential operation. Moreover, the oil-free operation reduces the risk of oil on the furniture or upholstery.

This brad nailer supports side magazine load. The total carrying capacity of the nailer binder is 100 nails. The Smart Pins will also be worth the extra money you pay compared to other nailers due to accurate placement of nails. When using the tool, you no longer have to worry about nails skewing to the side.

Many customers love the fact that the brad nailer supports driving the nails at an angle. This makes it ideal for installing doors or other projects where angling is required to drive the nails.

The latest generation of BOSTITCH brad nailers is a significant improvement over the older models. The new brad nailer gun performs much better due to a host of different features that makes the tool easy to use and powerful for driving nails. The brad nailer offers great value for money due to excellent performance.

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3.     Makita AF505N Brad Nailer

We have nothing but the best to say for the Makita AF505N Brad Nailer. The tool is one of the best rated products on Amazon. The patented design of the product allows easy access to confined areas. This tool has a non-marring rubber nose with bumpers that protect the surface of the wood from being damaged and scratched. Moreover, the rubber grip of the tool will allow you to use the tool for extended periods of time without any fatigue.

Another great thing about the Makita Brad Nailer is that it boasts of a tool-less depth adjustment dial that allows a range of finish applications. The tool features a compact and durable design that makes it suitable for use in hard to reach places. The brad nailer is suitable for different types of work from sheeting to driving nails through upholstery and more.

Makita Brad Nailer has an adjustable depth guide that can handle a range of sizes from 5/8-inch to up to 2-inch. The tool has a nail indicator window that will allow you to know when to reload the tool. The magazine, head, and other parts are easily accessible for maintenance.

You can rotate the tool hook by 1800 so that the tool will not be in the way when driving nails through different materials. The machined head of the brad nailer results in precise contact.

Customers have commented that you can use Makita Brad Nailer for driving nails even through the oak. You can fire lots of nails without any jamming. But if the Brad Nailer does jams, clearing it is incredibly easy. While the tool does not feature a dryfire lockout, you can know when the tool is about to run out of nails by looking at the indicator.

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4.     VonHaus Corded Electric 18 Gauge Brad Nailer

VonHaus Corded Electric 18 Gauge Brad Nailer offers solid performance due to which it has earned top spots in our list of a best electric brad nailer.  This top-rated tool offers great value due to reliable performance.

The dual function electric brad nailer can staple and fire nails to a wide variety of materials. You can use the electric brad nailer for fastening foil, upholstery, leather, hardwood and other hard and soft surfaces.

Most customers have praised the fast firing rate. This in addition to the low recoil rate allows projects to be completed quickly. The tool can drive nails at a rate of 20 nails per minute that is more than most other brad nailers. With this tool, you can secure a nail in just under 3 seconds.

VonHaus Corded Electric brad nailer is suitable for a range of tasks. This tool is particularly suited for light-duty tasks. This affordable electric brad nailer will allow you to complete tasks quickly without having to carry around hose and compressor.

The dual-function tool comes with a power adjustment dial that allows you to set the required strength for different materials. The tool can work great on both hard as well as softwood. You can drive nails and also staple a variety of surfaces using the tool.

A great thing about the tool is the 6.5-foot long power cord. You can plug the tool directly in the socket. This ensures that the tool receives optimum power since plugging in an extension cord or power strip prevents the tool from getting full power.

The tool comes with 100 1-inch nails and 3/4-inch staples. One magazine can hold up to 100 nails and staples. The fast-firing, adjustable impact, and reliable performance make it a worthy purchase.

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5.     DEWALT 5-in-1 Multi-Tacker and Brad Nailer

DEWALT 5-in-1 is a highly rated electric staple and brad nailer. The tool has won praise for its rugged construction and flexible performance. This tool supports a range of brad and staple providing you great flexibility when it comes to using the tool. You can use the tool for a range of projects such as the installation of sheets, carpet, and attaching trims.

A lot of customers have praised that the tool is simple and quick to load. Similar to the VonHaus Corded Electric brad nailer, this tool has a power adjustment dial. You can select the force and depth of each impact allowing you to use the tool for both thick and delicate materials.

This tool boasts of an ergonomic handgrip that is comfortable on the hand and wrist. You can work the tool easily for extended hours without any fatigue. The bottom-loading makes it easy and quick to load the tool.

The DEWALT 5-in-1 brad nailer and stapler can precisely drive nails and staples over wire and cables. This is something that not many brad nailers can perform. Moreover, the brad nailer comes with a high/low switch that allows you to adjust the tool power while working on different surfaces. The ability to drive five different types of fasteners makes this an extremely handy tool.

You should note that this brad nailer is not good for driving nails through hard surfaces. The tool takes 5/8-inch nails and will not drive fully on most wood. For small craft projects, this is the ideal tool due to being affordable and supporting a wide variety of tasks. Customers have praised the tool for reliable performance without frequent jamming.

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6.     PORTER-CABLE BN200C 2-Inch 18GA Brad Nailer Kit

PORTER-CABLE BN200C Brad Nailer is one of the top-rated 2 in tools available online that offers great value for money. This brad nailer is easy to use and maintain. The long-life maintenance-free prevents staining the surface of the materials.

This popular brad nailer kit is praised for the powerful motor that delivers nails fast. The 100 PSI strength makes it one of the strongest brad nailer available. The removable non-marring nose tip prevents the surface from getting scratched.

The tool comes with a low nail reload indicator that alerts when you need to reload. Moreover, the tool has an especially strong driver blade that results in a long life.  You can use the tool to drive 18-gauge nails making it suitable for a range of fastening jobs. The corded electric brad nailing kit allows you to carry on a range of installation and repair jobs including kitchen crown or picture repair installation, repairing upholstery, and furniture items.

You can use the PORTER-CABLE BN200C Brad Nailer to drive nails through hardwood making it a great tool for carpentry. The tool has an internal piston that offers great consistency and power through each shot.

The brad nailer can drive nails ranging from 5/8-inch to 2-inch length. The angled magazine has a side-loading design allowing it to hold up to 100 collated nails. Reloading the tool is simple. You can reload the brad nailer simply by unlocking the magazine and loading from the side.

A great thing that most customers praised the brad nailer was the open nose design. This allows quick jam release that results in improved nailing experience. The tool also has a low nail indicator that results in safe nailing and preventing unintentional firing. Overall, this is an excellent tool that you can use for a variety of tasks.

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7.     DEWALT DC608K 18-Volt 18-Gauge 2-Inch Brad Nailer Kit

DEWALT DC608K Brad Nailer Kit is the second corded-electric brad nailer made by Dewalt that is included in our list due to reliable and precise performance. This high precision brad nailer can drive standard gauge nails on different surfaces. The depth-of driving adjustment allows you to precisely set the nail heads.


The small nose of the tool allows you to accurately place the nails. You don’t need to compress the contact trip allowing you to effortlessly drive nails. The electric brad nailer is the most expensive models in our list, but it offers excellent performance making it a great buy.

You won’t have to use load hoses and compressor when using this electric brad nailer. The tool can have a powerful motor that can penetrate both hard and soft surfaces. The tool may be expensive as compared to most other braid nailers, but the reliable performance makes it a worthy purchase.

The brad nailer boasts of a bump operating mode that allows you to finish projects quickly. Customers have praised the performance since there is no lagging between each firing. The tool is heavier than some other brad nailers but not that heavy to make you fatigued when using for a longer duration.

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Final Remarks

The above are the best electric corded and pneumatic brad nailers that you can find online. As compared to a compressor set up, using the electric brad nailers will save you money as well as time in completing projects.

Electric brad nailers weigh a lot less as compared to air or pneumatic guns. This means that you can work for longer using electric brad nailers without tiring. Moreover, the electric brad nailers are less noisy as compared to air-powered ones. You won’t have to worry about disturbing your neighbors since there is no noisy air compressor with this tool.

Probably the biggest benefit of buying electric brad nailer is that they are around 25 percent less costly as compared to air-powered brad nailers. The high performance and precision along with affordable pricing make electric brad nailers preferred over other types.

Make sure that you consider the weight, power, balance, and nails capacity before buying a brad nailer. Moreover, you should also look at safety features such as trigger lock and indicator to ensure that you buy the best brad nailer that meets your needs.

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