16 Best Bible Highlighters Reviewed in 2023 (MUST READ!)

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A highlighter can come in handy when doing Bible referencing.

However, not all highlighters are the same. The best Bible highlighter can help with your personal study and organization without creating a mess on your prized manuscript, or even tearing your pages.

Some scriptures are traditionally printed on very thin paper that makes it difficult to find highlighters that won’t bleed through to the other side.

We’ve taken all this into consideration and researched, reviewed and ranked our favorites in descending order so that you can find your perfect highlighter.


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If you are in a hurry and don’t have the time to skim through the entire article? Have a glimpse of 16 of the best Bible highlighters for 2020:

  1. Zebra Pen Mildliner Double Ended Highlighters   <<Best Overall
  2. Mr. Pen- Gel Bible Highlighters
  3. GTL Accu-Gel 6 Piece Bible Study Gel Highlighter Set
  4. Pilot Highlighter Frixion Light, 3 Color Set
  5. U.S. Office Supply Bible Safe Gel Highlighters
  6. Pen- Pack of 12 Gel Bible Highlighters
  7. Tebik 10 Colors Gel/Dry Highlighter Study Kit  <<Best for Journaling and Ornamentations
  8. Feela Bible Gel Highlighter study kit
  9. ZEYAR Highlighter Chisel Tip Pen
  10. Shuttle Art 16 Pack Gel Highlighters
  11. JAVAPEN Rainbow Pastel Highlighters
  12. GTL Bible Dry 4-Piece Highlighting Kit  <<Best Refillable and Dry Highlighter
  13. Peter Pauper Press Bible Dual-Tip Highlighters (6-piece Set)
  14. Rarlan Highlighters, Chisel Tip, Assorted Fluorescent, 96 Count Classpack
  15. Madisi Chisel Tip Highlighters Bulk Pack
  16. Sakura Pigma 30066 Micron Blister Card Ink Pen Set  <<Best Archival Super-Fine Lines

Best Highlighters for Bibles

Here is our detailed list for your consideration.

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1. Zebra Pen Mildliner Double Ended Highlighters– Best Overall

We are starting our list with these Zebra Pen highlighters for various reasons. To begin with, they feature a double-ended highlighting nib. You can use its chisel tip to put broad highlighting strokes on large passages.

From the other side, you can use its fine bullet tip for thinner and clean lines. We really like the versatility so you can custom your notations.   This set of six highlighters comes in soft spring colors that don’t overwhelm any printed text, no matter how old the book is.

  • Includes mild blue, green, gray, violet and red colors
  • Uses permanent pigment ink of archival quality
  • Features a convenient pocket clip in corresponding shades

Our rating: 100%

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2. Mr. Pen- Gel Bible Highlighters-Best Value

If you are looking to buy a set of 8 quality highlighter for the Bible within a 2-digit price tag, then consider buying this Mr. Pen dry/gel highlighters. Many people complain about highlighter ink bleeding through the delicate Bible pages.

Mr. Pen has got around this issue by using gel ink in its highlighting markers. No matter what type of page it is, you can highlight without worrying about smudging the text on the other side. You can also sharpen its tip for finer strokes.

  • Comes in various green, blue and orange shades
  • Doesn’t dry out it even if left uncapped
  • Suitable for color coding and journaling as well

Our rating: 98%

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3. GTL Accu-Gel 6 Piece Bible Study Gel Highlighter Set– Best Gel Stick Highlighter

Are you fed up with your existing highlighter pen because it smears the ink of your Bible’s text? If that’s the case, then you should consider this GTL highlighter set as a replacement.  It is a reasonably-priced set of six highlighters that glides over any page and ink smoothly without smearing or making them heavy.

All shades are perfectly translucent, so you can use them on the text of any color. They will highlight the text without making it hard to read.

  • Features a gel stick that advances with a twisting base— last longer than regular highlighters
  • Uses acid-free highlighting ink
  • The casing also features a Bible study guide

Our rating: 98%

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4. Pilot Highlighter Frixion Light, 3 Color Set

If you are working on a Bible project and looking to get highlighters just for that, this 3-piece set by Pilot could be a good option.  With its pastel green, yellow and red shades, this highlighter set can be used at the thinnest bibles pages.  They will highlight without bleeding through.

The ink of these highlighters dries very quickly. It allows you to write on a highlighted part right after highlighting without experiencing ink blotting.

  • Also available in a set of six
  • Quick to dry
  • Has a size of a regular pen— easily be put in the pocket

Our rating: 95%

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5. U.S. Office Supply Bible Safe Gel Highlighters– Best for Bible Color Coding

US Office Supply has produced a dedicated gel highlighter set for Bibles that is certainly one of the best on the block right now. It consists of six highlighters containing six different pastel colors in the gel ink. It is a perfect assorted highlighter set for color-coding the Bible.

These highlighters also feature a twist-up gel stick design. This means you won’t have to buy a replacement for a long time. Besides the Bible, you can also use them on pages of textbooks and legal books.

  • Also available in a set of 16
  • Comes with a study guide and in a storage pouch
  • Six highlighters in six different pastel colors

Our rating: 95%

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6.Mr. Pen- Pack of 12 Gel Bible Highlighters

This is another Mr. Pen gel highlighter set with more coloring options. If you are in the habit of memorizing Bible passages and verses by associating them with different colors, you will find this highlighter set handy. The gel ink used in these highlighters works effectively on both rough and glossy papers.

The highlighters have an ink pen shape, so you can use and carry them conveniently.

  • Doesn’t smear across thin papers
  • Twist-up gel stick design with sharpie-able tips
  • Acid-free ink free of harmful fumes

Our rating: 92%

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7. Tebik 10 Colors Gel/Dry Highlighter Study Kit  -Best For Journaling and Ornamentation

The Bible kindles thoughts and pushes us to think about life. However, some verses hit you harder than others. If you like to mark those thought-provoking verses at the time of reading, get this Tebik highlighter set.

It has 10 soft color highlighters in a twist-up gel stick design.  Twist the highlighter from behind whenever you need to use it. The colors have the right translucence and intensity. They don’t overshadow the written text and don’t smear the other side of the page, either.

  • Acid-free and non-toxic gel highlighters
  • Come in an easy-to-carry see-through pouch
  • The strokes get broader with use
  • Perfect for Bible journaling with visual illustrations

Our rating: 92%

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8. Feela Bible Gel Highlighter study kit

Many times when you use a highlighter between two pages, they start sticking together. It doesn’t just irritate when you turn pages but also smudge the highlighter ink all over. If you are facing the same issue while referencing the Bible, consider buying this Feela highlighter set of eight colors.

These highlighters contain a gel stick that dries and doesn’t cause stickiness on the highlighted surface.  The twist-up design of highlighters cut down gel breakage inside the pen, which means you get a more long-lasting highlighting option.

  • Comes in both soft and bright colors
  • Works on all sorts of papers
  • Offer entirely risk-free use (acid-free, non-toxic)

Our rating: 88%

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9. ZEYAR Highlighter Chisel Tip Pen– The Best Wide Body Highlighters

If you are used to those traditional short and wide-body highlighters, then consider getting this 4-piece set by ZEYAR. The manufacturer has kept it simple and devised this highlighter with four basic and popular highlighting colors: yellow, pink, green, and orange.

The highlighters have bright fluorescent macaron ink that accentuates the text but doesn’t blot the other side of the page.

  • Features chisel tip— for both fine line (1mm) and broader stroke (4mm)
  • Easy to grip and carry in the pocket
  • Also available in a six-color set

Our rating: 85%

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10. Shuttle Art 16 Pack Gel Highlighters

If you are looking to get a highlighter supply for an entire house for Bible referencing, journaling, and all other uses, then this Shuttle Art pack is worth considering. It is a pack of 16 highlighters in 8 different colors. The highlighters contain retractable gel sticks that remain free from breakage in top-quality plastic casings.

The highlighting colors are vibrant enough to highlight all sorts of color pages and inks. Also, the gel is not sticky and doesn’t absorb into pages either.

  • Doesn’t fade with time, archival quality
  • Doesn’t smear any type of page or ink
  • Comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee

Our rating: 85%

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11. JAVA PEN Rainbow Pastel Highlighters

If you are looking to highlight Bible passages and verses with something that is not too bright to eyes, then this Java Pen 6-piece highlighter set can be a good option. The set contains six-ink pen-style highlighters with bright yet mild highlighting ink that doesn’t put any strain on eyes.

The manufacturer has used a propriety Smearguard ink in those highlighters that ensure no smearing and smudging whether you are using them on handwritten notes, inkjet printouts, or a material printed in a press.

  • Offers see-through highlighting for easy reading
  • Features 4mm tip— perfect for various color-coding and referencing tasks
  • Handy design— easy-to-grip and use

Our rating: 85%

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12. GTL Bible Dry 4-Piece Highlighting Kit– Best Refillable Highlighter

Many people prefer to highlight their Bibles with crayons.  However, crayons leave a waxy texture on pages. Also, crayon highlighting is smudged over time. This 4-piece highlighting set by GTL is a better alternative for regular crayons.

Its dry highlighting will deliver crayon-like non-shiny and blot-free highlighting but without waxy side effects. These highlighters have a shape of push-button ballpoints. You need to tap on top of its clip to extend and retract the highlighting tip. This functional construction ensures you can use the highlighter for longer.

  • Refillable gel stick— for eco-friendly and economical highlighting
  • Doesn’t bleed through any Bible paper
  • Comes in a compact pocket pouch

Our rating: 84%

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13. Inc. Peter Pauper Press 6-Piece Bible Dual-Tip Highlighters

If you are looking to highlight Bible verses and passages with respect to their themes, then this 6-piece dual-tip highlighter set is worth considering.  The manufacture has color-coded these highlighters to represent Bible study themes.

The dual-tip allows you to both underline and highlight a sentence or word without changing pens. These highlighters come in a hard plastic case with a snap-top opening.

  • Features both broad and narrow tips
  • Comes in a hard case that also doubles as a stand
  • Doesn’t smudge or bleed through thin Bible pages

Our rating: 82%

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14. Rarlan Highlighters Assorted Fluorescent, 96 Count Classpack

If you conduct Bible classes where students need to make notes and references, you should consider investing in this 96-piece highlighter set by Rarlan. It consists of six different colors with 16 highlighters of each shade. The highlighters feature chisel tips that are used for both highlighting and underlining.

The fluorescent ink used in these highlighters doesn’t bleed through any type of page and doesn’t blot any printing ink.

  • Comes in six fluorescent colors: pink, yellow, green, purple, orange, and blue
  • Has a pen-like shape— easy-to-use
  • Comes in a sturdy box for safe storage

Our rating: 82%

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15. Madisi Chisel Tip Highlighters Bulk Pack

If you are looking to gift highlighters to your entire Bible reading group and community, then this is another bulk pack worth considering. Madisi has put up a pack of 72 highlighters in six different colors with 12 pieces for each color.

These highlighters use a water-based ink that is free of acid and doesn’t bleed through even the thinnest of Bible pages.

  • Chisel tip highlighters for broad and thin highlighting strokes
  • Contains quick-drying ink that prevents pen ink smudging
  • A great bang for the buck

Our rating: 82%

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16. Sakura Micron Pigma Pens – Best Archival Super-Fine Pens

Made of true artist’s quality ink, these pens are remarkabley fine tipped and are capable of making impossibly thin lines.  You can write very small sized- enough to fit inbetween lines of scripture sometimes!

  • Archival ink
  • Super fine-lines are possible
  • Nice color selection
  • Needs a light-handed application

Rating: 80%  (the only reason we are rating them this low is because the tips are SO tiny that they are fragile and tend to try out easily.  However, these pens are the pens we personally use for our studio work at VeryCreate!)

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Additional inspiration:

Nowadays, people are enjoying owning Bibles published specifically for journalling that leaves ample space for personal thoughts and cross-referencing.  Some folks are taking the opportunity to marry their creativity with their spiritual inspiration and crafting personal and meaningful scripture journals.

For example, this beautiful Bible is ready for wonderful personalization:

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Here’s a fun tutorial:


Factors to Consider While Buying Bible Highlighters:

Take the below features into account while buying highlighters for Bible referencing and journaling.

Twist-up or Chisel Tip

In the above reviews, we have seen both twist-up sticks and chisel tip highlighters. Twist-up gel stick highlighters last longer than regular highlighters. However, you can only use them for putting broader highlighting strokes.

Chisel tip highlighters, on the other hand, can be used for both fine and broad strokes. In other words, you can use them for both underlining and highlighting.

Gel-Type or Marker-Type or Dry Type

Gel highlighters or also called dry highlighters because they don’t use regular liquid ink. They have a crayon-like texture. Gel highlighters are particularly considered good for thin-page Bibles because their mild and matt highlighting doesn’t bleed through pages.  Dry highlighters are waxy like crayons, wherein the colorant sits on top of the paper fibers rather than soaking in.

Highlighters use ink and leave a shinier glow. They are suitable for highlighting text on regular and thick pages.


Highlighters come in both dark and light shades. For Bibles with small fonts and delicate pages, it is always better to opt for soft, spring, and pastel colors. Light shades make sure you can accentuate a piece of text without overshadowing it.


Try to pick highlighters that promise archival-quality highlighting. This means the verses and passages highlighted by them maintain their accentuation irrespective of time. They don’t fade and dry and break away with time nor will they damage the archival quality of your scriptures over time.

Pen-like or Wide Body

You can get Bible highlighters in two shapes: pens and wide-body markers. If you have to use the highlighter extensively, then pen shapes are better.


With the right highlighter at your disposal, you can annotate and accentuate your Bible without smudging its pages and the text on the other side. Among chisel tip highlighters, Zebra Pen Highlighters is one of the best options. But if you gravitate more towards twist-up gel highlighters, consider Mr. Pen. 6 or 12-piece highlighter set.

scriptures marked up Best Highlighter for Bibles verycreate.com
Hand notations in very small areas in a Bible require a super-fine ink pen, not a marker


Q-What makes a Bible highlighter different?

Bible pages are usually thin. Therefore, when a highlighter possesses good no-bleed-through properties, it is considered good for Bible highlighting. Also, some highlighter sets come in line with the color-coding of bible study themes. They are also called Bible highlighters.

Q-What is a dry highlighter?

A dry highlighter works like a crayon. It doesn’t use wet ink and entails a waxy texture. Their dry application ensures no bleed-through at all, however, they don’t glide across the surface as effortlessly as other styles of markers.

Q-Where to find Bible highlighters?

The best way to find Bible highlighters is through the web. You can buy 15 of the best Bible highlighter from this article alone. You can also search on Amazon and other e-commerce platforms for quality highlighters for Bible referencing and journaling

Q- Where can I find ideas for customizing my bible?

Pinterest is a great place for finding ideas.  Try searching for ‘Bible marking’, ‘Bible journalling’, ‘Bible studying’ or ‘Bible notations’ for great inspiration.  Another good place to look is on bible devotees blog sites and websites.  Here are a few websites to get you going:

Doodling Faith: https://www.doodlingfaith.co.uk/

Bible Journalling Ideas https://biblejournalingideas.blogspot.com/

Bible Study Hacks  https://www.projectinspired.com/bible-study-hacks-you-wish-youd-thought-of/

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