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12 Of The Best Art Projectors In-Depth Reviews

If you are a digital artist, you need the best art projector in the market to display art for teaching, promotions, to make interactive art pieces, paint murals, create optical illusions, make laser-light displays or create animations.  Our highest rated pick is the ViewSonic PX, but there are 11 other great options and styles to choose from!

Luckily for you, we have compiled and reviewed 11 of the best art projectors to narrow down the overwhelming options in the market. Check out our Expert Buying Debates for the best art projectors at the end of this article.

If You Are Short on Time, Here Is Our List of 12 of the Best Art Projectors:

  1. ViewSonic PX700HD Home Theater Projector  <<Our Number One Pick
  2. ViewSonic PJD7720HD Projector
  3. QKK Mini Projector
  4. AU KING Mini Projector
  6. BenQ MH535FHD 1080P
  7. DBPOWER T20 1500 Lumens LCD Projector
  8. Artograph Flare 100 Digital Art Projector  <<Wireless options
  9. Artograph Flare150 Art Projector
  10. GooDee Mini Projector
  11. Kopykake 300XK
  12. Artograph Tracer Projector

Detailed Reviews:

Every profession in the modern world has been revolutionized by adopting relevant technologies, and artists aren’t any different. From animation and digital painting to 3D sculptures, digital art has experienced significant innovation over the years. In addition, projectors have always been a great tool for fine artists as well because they can save a boatload of time when deadlines are pressing and speed of completion is a top priority.

1.  ViewSonic PX700HD Home Theater Projector

In the first place, we have a superior art projector which is not only useful for art projects but can also be used for gaming or home theatres. The ViewSonic PX700HD can be used to project bright screens that measure up to a massive 300 inches diagonally.

Not only does this art projector throw distance sufficient for common artists, but its bright output can also be used for outdoor displays or for art galleries. This art projector is a worthy investment for any artist who takes their projects seriously.

Additionally, the machine wouldn’t go to waste when you’re relaxing as well since you can use it to play Call-of-Duty or to watch movies during the weekends.

  • Up to 300 inches diagonal display
  • Brightness of 3500 Lumens
  • Super Color Technology
  • 15,000 hours of guaranteed lens life

Rating: 94%

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2.  ViewSonic PJD7720HD Projector

Considering that this is our second ViewSonic product, it is safe to say that you can expect similar features as our top pick. However, the additional feature of 22,000:1 contrast ratios is among the most impressive specs in the market.

The PJD7720HD projector is renowned for its highly advanced color technologies and its durable designs. Equipped with this machine, every artist can host high definition presentations and of course, enjoy the best multimedia entertainment in their free time as well.

While it boasts many impressive features, this device is compatible with a wide range of devices including both Mac and Windows.

  • Output resolution is Full HD 1080p
  • Breathtaking brightness of 3500 Lumens
  • Displays can be enhanced with additional 10W speakers
  • Compatible with Amazon Fire TV, Google ChromeCast, Apple TV and DVD/Blu-ray players

Rating: 90%

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3.  QKK Mini Projector

QKK is a well recognized brand name that is especially known for producing art projectors that churn out high-quality brightness and images. This projector utilizes technologies that make it produce at least 20% faster output than its competitors.

Each display produced by this portable projector will have no signs of redness or distortions and its multi-layer LCD option can scan and project up to 5 layers simultaneously. Moreover, each display is diffused using an LED source that does not damage or irritate the eyes of viewers.

  • Compatible with ROKU sticks, ATV BOX and TV sticks
  • 1.5M-5M Projection distance
  • Comes with a standard tripod and can be easily hung as an overhead projector as well
  • Offers wireless connectivity for smartphones or mobile devices

Rating: 89%

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4.  AU KING Mini Projector

There aren’t many mini projectors in the market that can guarantee the highest quality of displays on both small and large screens. This particular projector can produce outputs that range between 32 and 170 inches, making it more than sufficient for a large variety of art applications.

If you’re planning on making a long-term investment, the AuKing Mini Projector is the way to go since it offers 55,000 hours of lamp life and durable processors. What’s more, this art projector does not require any additional app installations and works with a simple plug and play model.

  • Compatible with a wide variety of smartphones, mobile devices, PCs and TVs
  • Offers 55,000 hours of lamp life
  • 1m to 5m projection distance
  • Sold with superior built-in speakers for high-quality sound experiences

Rating: 88%

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The Vankyo Leisure 3 is the best art projector for artists who plan to display their artwork digitally in brightly-lit rooms. Not only does this projector offer a great combination of resolution and brightness options, but its output is guaranteed to produce 60% more brightness than standard projectors.

This art projector’s 1920 x 1080p resolution is perfect for making art projects, animations and PowerPoint presentations. Additionally, the device can also easily transition onto family entertainment by projecting for a home theatre system or gaming technologies.

  • Features a noise suppression system that cuts down surrounding sounds by 50%
  • Produces a contrast ratio of 2000:1 for very detailed projections
  • 4.9ft to 16.4ft projection distance
  • Can support screens that measure up to 170 inches

Rating: 86%

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6.  BenQ MH535FHD 1080P

BenQ is a well renowned technological brand and its MH535FHD art projectors offer HD capability for art projects or gaming. This device combines high definition output with high contrast ratios (the ability to create distinction between light and dark colors) and a very bright Lumen display.

With all of its specifications combined, artists will find that this art projector is more than sufficient to display art at home, in a gallery or for outdoor events. Lastly, compared to other premium models on this list, this BenQ art projector is also priced competitively.

  • Brightness of 3300 Lumens
  • Astounding contrast ratio of 10,000:1
  • Portable
  • Affordable

Rating: 82%

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7.  DBPOWER T20 1500 Lumens LCD Projector

The first thing every user will notice about this art projector is that it emits brightness like you may have never seen before. More specifically, this projector can produce up to 50% more brightness than standard LED projectors, especially when it is used in dark areas.

If you’re looking for art projectors exclusively for home use, then look no further. This device not only supports a wide range of resolutions but it also features an innovative cooling system that ensures that its system does not overheat. When this system notices that the system is heating up due to overuse, it will automatically shut down to avoid internal damage.

  • HD and UltraHD capability
  • Built-in noise-cancelling speakers
  • 1. 5-5M projection distance
  • Produces 50% more brightness than run-of-the-mill LED projectors

Rating: 82%

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8.  Artograph Flare 100 Digital Art Projector

The Artograph Flare 100 LED projector has a compact construction and can be operated via both, batteries and an electrical cable. What sets this machine apart from its competition is that it supports a wide variety of picture formats, including JPG, PNG, BMP and PDF among so many others.

This art projector can easily be connected to a tripod and offers a variety of connectivity options such as with an HDMI cable, USB drive or wireless connectivity for smartphone and mobile devices. With each input, this projector projects crystal-clear images that can be adjusted for small and large canvases with minimum difficulty.

  • Offers HDMI, USB and wireless connectivity
  • Supports a wide variety of image formats
  • Compact enough to pack and travel with
  • Can be run on batteries to save on utility bills

Rating: 82%

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9. Artograph Flare150 Art Projector

This second installment of Artograph Electronics is probably the most economically priced device from their range of projectors. Considering the fact that it has most of the same features as the Artograph Flare 100, this is a great buy for artists on a budget.

The Artograph Flare 150 has a number of image manipulation features to choose from and can be used with both tripods or as an overhead projector. However it is worth mentioning here that the Artograph Flare 100 is more lightweight and portable as compared to the Flare 150.

  • Brightness of up to 1200 Lumens
  • Affordable price
  • Portable and also offers overhead mounting capability

Rating: 80%

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10. GooDee Mini Projector

Every artist marvels about owning art supplies that are incredibly portable and this is why most artists fancy the GooDee Mini Projector. This device measures up to a miniature 5.3x 3.9x 2.36 inches and is feather light since it weighs only 0.59 pounds.

Perhaps because of its impressive portability, the GooDee Mini Projector only offers limited throw distances that range between 0.8 and 2 meters. However, each projection can measure up to 60 inches diagonally, making it a great choice for small conference rooms or art studios.

  • Offers multiple connectivity options including HDMI, AV, USB, MicroSD
  • Supports wireless connectivity and WiFi compatibility
  • LED light source is safe for viewers and is energy efficient
  • 0. 8M-2.0M projection distance

Rating: 80%

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11. Kopykake 300XK

Before we get started on our final product’s review, we should begin by saying that this is an opaque art projector and the best of its kind. This tool is used by many architects, T-shirt artists, wood burners, decorative painters, animators and artists and is, by far, one of the most successful models in the industry.

It is a rare occurrence for opaque art projectors to produce fantastic images in varying light conditions and this is why we chose the Kopykake 300XK as one of our best art projectors. The device can project very large tracing areas while offering the user with sizable image reduction options. On a separate note, would you believe that this device was originally designed to decorate cakes?

  • Features a color clamp that projects the quality of image projection in brightly lit rooms
  • It is very easy to use and ideal for professionals
  • Projects images with 6 x 6 tracing areas
  • Bulky
  • Requires sturdy table to clamp to

Rating: 79%

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12. Artograph Tracer Projector

If you prefer to go “old school” and bypass anything digital, this little projector is how it was done before computers came on the scene.  The original image size is limited to 5 x 5 inches, but it is very simple to use.  Just place the projector on top of the image you wish use and it instantly and clearly projects.  It is compact and has no assembly required.

  • Projects color and black and white
  • Can be enlarged up to 14 times original size
  • Comes with a 23 watt flourescent bulb
  • Max illumination of 100 watts
  • Silent running
  • Very limited original image size

Rating: 50%




Artograph Tracer Projector

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projector Best Art Projectors verycreate.com

Buying Debates: Buying the Best Art Projector

What Are Art Projectors Used for?

Firstly, you might have a broad idea of how an art projector could aid you in your project, but knowing what other projects it can help you with can inspire your purchase decision. You see, you could either buy a cheaper art projector for one-off projects or make a long-term investment if your future projects include:

  • Making interactive pieces of art
  • Scanning and displaying digital art
  • Painting murals
  • Designing large laser-light displays
  • Designing optical illusions
  • Producing animated art
  • Making 3D films/art

These are just a few examples of how the best art projectors can aid artists and how their owners will have complete freedom of using their creative juices to innovate digital art.

What Should You Consider Before Buying the Best Art Projector?

The Type of Projector

Like any other technology, there are several varieties of projectors to choose from, namely, opaque, LED and digital projectors. Of the three, digital projectors are known to be the easiest to use and the most versatile in terms of features.

On the other hand, opaque and LED projectors are bought for specific kinds of projects. For instance, opaque projectors come in handy to scan and display large-scale images.

All of the products we have reviewed are digital projectors (except the Kopykake Art Projector) but still, every artist should consider what they are going to be using their projectors for before making a purchase.

Portable vs. Overhead Projector

Most artists treasure flexibility in their pursuit of creating art. For this reason, portable projectors such as the AuKing and GooDee Mini Projectors should be more desirable. Of course, this would depend on what kind of project you are working on.

If your project involves moving visuals, such as animations, then overhead projectors are the better option. Still, with thousands of technological examples all around us, more and more consumers are preferring portable and compact products.

Brightness Levels

Have you given some thought to where you plan on setting up your art projector? Typically, you don’t need extraordinary levels of brightness unless you need to display art digitally in the outdoors. Still, it is safe to say that most art projectors are designed to be used indoors and you should take this into account while laying the groundwork for your project.

The Size of Your Art Studio

The physical size of art studios can make a significant difference on the perceived value of art projectors. This is because of the fact that the best art projectors are classified as either long throw, short throw or ultra-short throw. In each category, the output can be determined based on how far the device is placed from the intended screen.

For instance, the QKK Mini Projector has a throw distance of 5m (16 ft.). In other words, this mini projector has a long-throw distance since these models usually project great images anywhere between 10 to 12 feet away. Short-throw models will display clear images at 7 or 8 feet while ultra-short-throw models commonly have a throw distance of only 1 to 2 feet.


Since we’re onto discussing the quality of image output, it goes without saying that the resolution of art projectors is the easiest way of guaranteeing exactly what you need. The highest resolution offered by art projectors is 4k and we’re sure it’s not going to get any better than this in the near future.

On the other hand, it is usually recommended that artists settle for art projectors that have a minimum output of 1080p. HD capability is a necessary feature for art projectors because help artists take a glimpse at the minute intricacies of artwork.

Connectivity Options

Commonly, digital art projectors offer their users multiple connectivity options in order to grant them the convenience of accessing art from a wide range of devices. That being said, most art projectors can be connected via USB, HDMI and display ports.

In contrast, modern art projector models allow users to connect via wireless capabilities. Both -the QKK and GooDee Mini Projectors have wireless connectivity features so users can connect their devices without annoying cords or cables.


As technology progresses, artists unlock more opportunities to be innovative with art. Similarly, with the best art projectors, artists are granted more accuracy and precision to materialize their creative ideas.

While each of the art projectors we reviewed in this article are every bit worthy of your investment, the best overall products we came across were manufactured by ViewSonic. These projectors are the most valued products in our review because they grant the most creative freedom and control over your designs.

Of course, you shouldn’t just take our word for it. You can also read each product’s customer testimonials or Amazon reviews to make the most informed purchase decision.


How Do Opaque Projectors Work?

Opaque projectors use dark or dim lighting to shine over an opaque object (such as a photograph) and they use a series of lenses and mirrors to cast images onto a surface or a wall.

To further emphasize their output method, opaque projectors are very traditional. Physical copies of images are required to project an image. What’s worse, opaque projectors are usually more expensive than the best art projectors so it is very crucial that you weigh each product’s pros and cons before making a purchase.

How Can Artists Paint With an Art Projector?

All you need to do is use the art projector to display images on a canvas or a wall so you can trace over it. However, it is important that you adjust its settings accordingly unless you wanted to paint an inverted piece of artwork or mural in the first place.

What Are the Main Differences Between Art Projectors and Other Similar Products?

Art projectors have certain features which have no use in other similar products like home theatre projectors. Some of these features include:

  • Color temperature adjustments
  • More sensitive grayscale
  • High color resolutions
  • Adjustable screens
  • Grids for alignment

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