Art Class for Kids – Exciting Plan Ahead! (MUST SEE!)

art class for kids

In the wake of COVID-19, we are all dealing with a lot of issues and uncertainty. One thing that has always given me power and strength is my art.

And today, we are concerned that our children are not having adequate access to art because of our school being closed down all around the world.

SO…we are going to create an art class for kids.

boy learning art - art class for kids -

Art Class for Kids Outline

We have a rough outline of what we will teach.

There will be anywhere from 10-20 30 minute videos complete with directions and walkthroughs. It will be just as if your child will be in the classroom at school! Or at least, as close as we can make it.

Here are some of the topics we want to cover for the Art Class for Kids (not exhaustive, just some ideas to get going):

  • Introduction to different types of art:
    • Watercolor
    • Acrylics
    • Pastels
    • Drawing
    • Crayons
  • Introduction to different types of art surfaces
    • Paper
    • Canvas
  • Light (these are kids after all so we will make this quick and fun) history of art
  • Painting tutorials
    • Landscape painting tutorial
    • Animal painting tutorial (we are thinking to cover a few animals)
      • Horse
      • Lion
      • Elephant
      • We could go on and on here
    • Fruit painting tutorial
    • House painting tutorial
    • Portrait painting tutorial
  • Drawing training and tutorials
    • Shading training
    • Dinosaur drawing tutorial
    • Shoe drawing tutorial

Conclusion and Next Steps About What Is Next For the Art Class for Kids

There is a catch though. It costs a small fortune to create a course and we are just a little family-owned publisher. So we are going to raise funds to make this happen.

It might not happen immediately…

But, we are hoping to raise our goal of $1000 quickly so we can have the resources to gather the materials and equipment, create the videos, spend the time, and procure the software needed to deliver such a class for kids.

>>>>Please head on over to GoFundMe and search for VeryCreate Art Class for Kids<<<<.

Just look for our signature neon blue spring and you will see us! Anything you can do will be extremely helpful!!


With your help and support, we hope to have something available for the kids by July 31 or sooner. It all depends on when we are able to achieve the goal.

See you soon and thank you!


I hope you are enjoying this article! I really care a lot that you find what you are looking for. There are so many ways to go about creating and my goal is to help you. Thank you again for reading!

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